Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Little This; A Little That

Yesterday we had a fire going in our wood stove because of the cool weather. The dogs really enjoyed their time in front of the stove with their Nylabones. I thought this picture particularly cute with both of the chewing away. Rocky holds his bone with his paws like a person would use their hands. So cute! By the time they went to bed last night, the living room looked like their toy box had exploded!!!

I am working on my 100 Thing Fling Boogie (see yesterday's post). I added 25 items of clothing to the list today bringing my total so far to 29:) I have exceeded my weekly goal and I'm not finished yet! The clothing items will be donated to the nearest Goodwill. 

Gift bag made by Heather Summers

Today I will be working on my Patchwork Zippy Wallet and some fabric gift bags I saw today at Stamping with Heather. Heather made the gift bags with fabric bought from the Stampin' Up! Clearance Rack for just 99 cents (US) for 3 extra large fat quarters! She figured it only cost her 20 cents per bag!!! She has a video tutorial on how to make these adorable bags! Cute! Cute! Cute! If you want to order some of this fabric please email me!

I have three cards backed up to show you that I am super excited about but they were made for The Cupboard Trilogy as my Design Team projects so can't show them till they go live next month! Be sure to check out the entries for this month's challenge! WOW! I can't believe how many people entered the challenge this month!!! It just keeps growing! 

Well, I guess that's it for today! I hope to have something to show you tomorrow:)

Have a great day! It's hump day today so the rest of the week should be smooth sailing, right?



  1. We have a new puppy, a jack russel and I am looking forward to the joy he will bring.

    We only used our fireplace twice last year because the winter was so mild. That's very disappointing. We have come to enjoy it so much and the cozy family time that comes with it.

    1. Where do you live that your winter's are so mild?! We make good use of our wood stove all winter. Will most likely use it everyday now until June! I hope you have at least one very active family member with a Jack Russel! They require a lot of exercise but are so cute and super smart! I am lucky our English Bulldog is lazy like me:) We are both super funny though! LOL

  2. Nice job on de-cluttering. I purged/recycled/donated 19 things yesterday!

  3. Good Job, Lena! I think I could get rid of 1000 things and still not even make a dent. Maybe I will do a Decluttering project in 2013 like you did this year:)