Monday, October 15, 2012

I Won!

My last post was about a giveaway that Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily has going on at the moment that I am hoping to win. However, I recently won her Upside Down Goldfish Cell Phone (iPod) Pouch! It arrived in the mail on Friday and I was over-the-top excited about it! My family was also excited because for the last year I have had my iPod Touch in a rubbery pink holder (should have taken a picture before I threw it away) that my family thought was super ugly. Now my iPod Touch has a nice, safe and oh so cute new home:) Thank you, Carla for this adorable pouch!

This week will be busy getting ready for the Happy Stampers Club meeting on Wednesday night! We have such a good time and I have some fun projects for us to do this month. Can hardly wait to show them to you!

I am loving my iPad! However, I am surprised and dismayed that magazines cost as much or more in the digital form. Why would you have to pay as much or more for a magazine subscription when there is no paper and no postage. If you have the answer to this please let me know. I did find out that one of my favorite magazines, Simply Knitting from the UK, can be purchased MUCH cheaper in digital form because it doesn't have to mailed internationally! When I purchase this magazine at Joann's I pay $10.99 but I can get the digital copy for $6.99! I was also thrilled to find out that any apps I had purchased for my iPod Touch could be downloaded onto my iPad for free! Hooray for that one! But for every victory there is a iPod Touch is nearly 4 years old so it won't synch my contacts with the new iPad:( That means I have to enter all contacts manually! I am not complaining. I will soon have everything set up just the way I want it and will enjoy a long and happy relationship with my iPad. Next step is to get a cover and keyboard for it. Any suggestions? I am looking at the Logitech at Costco but am open to suggestions.

Have a great day! Do something to put a smile on someone's face today!!!




    The girls and I have these leather cases for our iPads and so far so good. Happy that you are enjoying yours!

  2. Thank, Kim! I will have to check it out!

  3. You're welcome! I'm glad you have a use for it! :) I think it's insane that ebooks, etc.. Cost soo much!! It baffles me!

    1. It is the best little home for my iPod Touch:) So cute AND practical!