Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zero Day

After reading the book Hiking Through by Paul Stutzman I have come to really appreciate the zero day! When Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail a zero day is one spent in a town, in a motel or hostel, eating in restaurants and just taking it easy. 

Coast Gateway Hotel in Seatac
We were able to book our hotel through Hotwire.com for $68/night plus tax. Great deal!! When my husband asked me to join him on a trip to Seattle area I knew exactly what I wanted to do while he was in his training all day. But he and several friends just didn't get it. What! Spend all day in the room...blogging, knitting and reading!!! To me it sounded like bliss to be able to do things I love to do without any responsibilities--no dogs to feed; meals to fix; dishes or laundry to be washed! Like I said, bliss:)

Hospitality Room
The picture above is of the Hospitality Room where a Continental Breakfast is served until 10:00 each morning. They had a good selection so I had a nice breakfast each morning. 

Fitness Room
I promised my husband I would use the fitness room while we were staying at this hotel but was disappointed the treadmill was "out of order".  I ended up the eliptical but could only do about 15 minutes on it. It's just plain hard!!! Give me my treadmill any day! We really enjoyed our visit to this hotel and would be happy to stay here again. Nice facilities, comfortable room, friendly staff!

Last night we ate at Zoopa's in Tukwila then did a bit of shopping. Hubby enjoyed a visit to Nordstrom Rack and I was frustrated by a trip to Joann Fabrics. I purchased a cover for my iPad from Nordstrom Rack but will have to show it later; I sent the camera off in the car with my hubby:(  

Today check out is at noon so will have a few hours to kill before hubby is finished with his training. I'm sure I can find SOMETHING to do:) We will make a visit to Trader Joe's, one of our favorite stores, before heading home! 

What is your idea of the perfect Zero Day?

Have a great day! 



  1. Sounds like a perfect day to me, Kat!! :) enjoy!

  2. I'm like you and enjoy an occasional motel stay with no real agenda in mind. Get up without an alarm, dine when hungry, shop until I'm tired... Your time sounds great. Was curious why you were frustrated at Joann Fabrics. Hopefully Trader Joes made up for any disappointment earlier. Love that store too!

    1. I usually do really well with Joann Fabrics but it was near closing time (30 minutes before) at this one and the staff wasn't very helpful. I wanted to just say, "Listen, I have my list. If you help me find the items on it I will be out of here in no time!" However, I didn't. Yes, my experience at Trader Joe's is always the same--wonderful!!! Sure wish we had one closer!

    2. I understand. The store in The Dalles seems to be short staffed when I'm there...one person available to cut and one at the register. It can be frustrating. I went to Fabric Depot in Portland and found a totally different experience. So much selection, large staff asking how they can help me.... But fabric was more expensive. Guess that's my trade off. :)

    3. Usually I would rather pay a little more for service! I love the fabric store in Heppner, Artisan Village (aka Quilter's Roundup)! The service is great and if they don't have what I need they will usually order it for me. The fabric is quilt quality so always good stuff! The frustration at Joann's was they were trying to rush me but not help me finish. AND living so far from stores I wanted to get what I needed while I was there!