Friday, October 26, 2012

5 Things Friday

Welcome to "5 Things Friday"! I love this idea! Carla over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily has started the "5 Things Friday" so you can check her blog to see what her 5 random things for the week are. I like this idea because sometimes I have things to share that just don't fit anywhere. And, Friday is probably the busiest day of my week so if I haven't prepared a post ahead of time it's just one more thing to add to my already long "to do" list! So, "5 Things Friday" is perfect for me:) I hope you enjoy it too!

  1. I didn't get my Zippy Wallet done:( The reason being that for the last couple of days I haven't been feeling well. I think I am trying to come down with something--achy, stomach queasy, feverish. Not really sick; just not well. I am on an every 4 hour regimen of Airborne, Wellness Formula, Vitamin C and Aloe Vera juice. One of those ought to do something!!!
  2. Trying to decide what to take to Seattle with me! Hubby has some training in Seattle on Monday and Tuesday so we are going up on Sunday. We got a 3 star hotel for $68/night plus tax! Great price and the motel has great reviews! I will be taking Happiness Key by Emilie Richards to read; swimming suit for the pool; a knitting project plus my cross stitch project. I am planning one day to just stay in the motel room and relax:) 
  3. Learning to use my iPad. You wouldn't think it would be too difficult since I have had an iPod Touch for 4 years and I use a MacBook Pro to do my blogging. However, it IS a little different but I am getting the hang of it. I am still trying to decide what kind of cover I want. I have been lusting over some beautiful leather ones like the Book Book Case but it's $80 so that's not likely to happen unless I find it on sale. The iTech cover at Costco is $80 but includes a keyboard (big plus)!
  4. Making my list of quick, easy but oh so adorable Christmas gifts to make. I will be showing them to you as they come off the assembly line:)
  5. Getting a new cell phone plan that INCLUDES texting:) It's time I came into the 21st Century! I have a free texting app on my iPod and iPad but not the same as having it on your phone. I do have texting on my current phone but it costs 20 cents per text--incoming and outgoing. Doesn't sound like much but it can really add up!
Well, now you have my random thoughts for the day! Do you have some random thoughts to share? I would love to hear them!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! Thank you for visiting! I will be doing the Sunday Night Chit-Chat from my motel room in Seattle IF I don't get really sick in the meantime!



  1. Feel better soon, Kat!! ((Hugs)) The tutorial isn't going anywhere, so you have all the time in the world! Have a great time in Seattle!!

    1. Thanks, Carla! I am itching to get started on the project! Hoping to make several for Christmas gifts:) thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hope you get to feeling better soon.