Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cheat Grass and Ticks

Very sleepy puppy!

Ticks have been really bad this year as we didn't have much of a winter to freeze them out. Rocky, our very adventurous English Bulldog, walks all over our 20 acres and we generally get at least two ticks off of him every day. Yuck!

Yesterday I noticed Rocky had a lump between two of his toes which usually means Cheat Grass and a trip to the Vet:( My son Scott took him to the Vet this afternoon and he had cheat grass absesses in three of his four paws! Can you believe it?!!! Well, the Vet fixed him up and Scott brought him home but he is still pretty groggy! I couldn't resist this photo opportunity of him sacked out in the doorway:) Dogs and kids are sooo cute when they're asleep!

I'm hoping we don't have to do this too many more times this summer but the way he wanders, who knows!

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