Tuesday, May 29, 2012

White China Doily

I finally finished the White China Doily which is approximately 15" across. It is in a booklet put out by Annie's Attic called Family Heirloom Doilies. I am hoping to make one of each of the doilies in the booklet before the end of the year! If you didn't get a chance to see it, check out the Star Scallops Doily I recently made from the same book.

The White China Doily was a challenge for me, not because of difficulty but because the section between the medallion in the middle and the out edge was BORING! I like making doilies where there is a little more going on but it did turn out really pretty in the end:)

The photo (right) shows the center medallion which I think is really pretty. The doilies in this booklet are made with size 10 crochet cotton which works best for me. The smaller thread is hard on my eyes and the small crochet hooks are hard on my fingers. When I used to crochet with size 20 and 30 crochet thread I had a finger that I cut off a leather glove that I used on my pointer finger to avoid a sore finger. 

Check out the outside edge with the little picots at the edges. It looks like a few of mine are crooked but the stitches adjust to make them even. Unfortunately I don't iron as well as I crochet. 

I thought my mom was mean to make me learn to crochet, knit, sew and embroider when I was a kid but I am so thankful today that I learned. Though I just learned the basics as a child, I was able to use that knowledge base to continue in my needlework journey. 

Thank you for visiting today. Kat


  1. I checked your blog to make sure I was following you; I am, but when I saw this crocheted doily I had to make a comment. It's BEAUTIFUL! I am just learning how to crochet and know that working with the fine stuff is not that easy! Great work!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I always have a knit or crochet project going but right now I am obsessing with doilies! Maybe it has something to do with recently purchasing the Hello Doily stamp from Stampin' Up!:)

    2. Great work. I have been working with crochet thread since I was 8 and I am now almost 59. My grandmother taught me how to do thread crochet on pillowcase lace. I am currently working on a pineapple doily that is going to be 50" around. The reason for commenting is that I also do greeting cards and I have the Hello Doily stamp from Stampin Up. I was so happy when it came out and made a ton of cards. Happy Crocheting.