Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Dog Ate My Homework!

Well, not exactly my homework, but close! I usually sit on the couch with my feet up on the coffee table to blog, do Stampin' Up! orders, blog surf, etc. This morning was no different. I had my Stampin' Up! Idea Book & Catalog on the couch next to me with papers spread all over the couch. My mistake was when I left it there forgetting that our precious "little" English Bulldog puppy Rocky can jump on the couch and loves to chew up magazines and such. Sooo...
this is what my catalog looked like AFTER he had already chewed up the Retiring Accessories List and the Occasions Mini Carryover List! Good thing I caught him when I did. And it's a good thing we only have one more month to use this catalog! My catalog usually looks pretty tattered by the time the new one comes out (next week!!!) but this one will definitely takes the cake!

The culprit is our 8 month old English Bulldog. He thinks everything belongs to him and he doesn't think anything is off limits for him. He is finding out, however, that the garden is definitely off limits--we put up an electric fence after he ate all of the kale and had started on the asparagus patch!

He is so cute it is hard to get mad at him even when he is really naughty. And he has the best disposition of any dog we have ever had. Today at the vet he weighed in at nearly 43 pounds! Getting really hard to pick him up! 

The other day our Great Dane Beau was outside and Rocky was on the couch. He saw Beau out the window and jumped up in the window sill behind the couch to chew Beau out!

He thinks he is the boss of everybody--kinda like my daughter when she was little--so thought he could tell Beau he couldn't come in!

Have a great day and guard your Stampin' Up! catalog--at least till you get your new one:)  Kat

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