Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

Welcome to the Sunday Night Chit-Chat! Hubby and I have been making sauerkraut all afternoon and evening so hopefully will have lots of yummy sauerkraut to take us through the winter:) We made a 15L crock and a 30L crock--that's a lot of sauerkraut!!!

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15 L crock nearly full of cabbage and sea salt to make sauerkraut
Okay, let's get started! I am...

Reading...The Replacement Wife by Eileen Gouge

Listening to...the radio playing in the background.


Cooking/Baking...We just ate sandwiches today because the kitchen was a mess with making sauerkraut.

Happy I accomplished this week...So glad to have the sauerkraut done and working! Now to be able to keep the temperature right. Last year we made one batch that was perfect and a batch that wasn't so good because we weren't as careful about the temperature. 

I also got my list made of things I need to get done before the US Thanksgiving on November 28. So many neglected cleaning duties so will just take one thing per day to hopefully have a "company ready" house by then.

Looking forward to next week...It's time for my Happy Stampers to meet again this week! I am pretty excited about the projects I have for them and it is always so much fun to get together with this group of ladies:)

Thankful for today...I am finally well after being sick with a cold/flu for 2 1/2 weeks! Whew! I didn't think that was ever going to leave! 

*Bonus Question* What is my favorite part of Thanksgiving food-wise?
I would have to say stuffing/dressing...whatever you call it! We are vegans so I had to rework the delicious stuffing recipe my mom used to make. Check out my recipe HERE. Second would have to be Pumpkin Pie.

Well, I'm off to finish up the sauerkraut (Hubby's doing the lion's share of the job for sure...I am just his assistant)! Tomorrow is Happy Homemaker Monday!



  1. That reminds me that I was going to make sauerkraut last year and never got around to it. The cabbages started appearing at the market in large quantities a couple of weeks ago so I really should get going on it. I don't specially like it but I thought if I made it myself, maybe it'd be different than what you buy in a shop/get in a restaurant. Do you follow a particular recipe or just "know" at this stage how to do it? Need to get myself a good fermentation basics book, I think.

    1. The flavor is way different when you make it yourself. It's like the deli sauerkraut that you purchase in the refrigerator section at the store that comes in either a glass jar or a plastic bag...only better. Homemade (when it turns out) is crisp and super delicious! One of the books we have is Making Sauerkraut and pickled vegetables at home by Klaus Kaufmann, DSc and Annelies Schoneck. We have another one but I can't find it. There are a lot of recipes on the internet. Basically we used 3 Tbsp of coarse sea salt to every 5 pounds of cabbage. Temperature is key so check out the internet recipes and let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Can't lie... not a fan of Sauerkraut. *shudder* lol!! I'd prefer the sandwiches... ;) Happy to hear you're feeling better, Kat! Hope you have a wonderful week!!

    1. I remember from last year that sauerkraut was not your favorite! The sandwiches were good. We are using Sprouted Wheat bread right now and it is super yummy. Plus still have fresh veggies in the garden to make great sandwiches!