Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wonderful Wacky Women--a review

I know I promised you a card today and I made one but...when I went to take a photo the camera wouldn't go on. Hmmm...maybe needs to be charged. Anyway, I will get the situation taken care of and have a card for you tomorrow! So, instead, I decided to share with you about a card line that I am super excited about!

I rarely purchase cards because I enjoy making and giving my own. However, recently I was perusing a card rack at a local gift shop and found cards that really touched my heart. I purchased two:) This line of cards is called Wonderful Wacky Women and they are sold by Blue Mountain Arts. The artwork is edgy and fun. The sentiments are everything YOU would have said if you'd had the words. These cards are simply amazing!

Blue Mountain Arts - Suzy Toronto
Blue Mountain Arts - Suzy Toronto
"This exceptional collection of cards by Suzy Toronto celebrates family bonds, friendship, love, and unleashing one’s potential, complemented by bold illustration styles and quirky, engaging characters. They are printed on high-quality textured paper embellished with glitter, varnish, and jewel accents." --from Blue Mountain Arts website

On the back of the cards Suzy explains why her people don't have faces...
"Why no faces? The concept began over a decade ago with my 8-year-old sone, who is adopted..." I am going to let you purchase one of Susie's cards to find out the rest of the story:) These cards are truly wonderful, wild and wacky! I LOVE them!

Suzy Toronto has her own website with lots of fun gift items to see and purchase. When you move your mouse you will see little green pixie dust--unexpected and fun. Her website is a work of art just like her cards. Check it out at Her personal blog is Pretending to be Normal.

If you want the perfect card for the perfect person, check out Suzy's cards at your local gift shop. For a store locater, you to the Blue Mountain Arts website to use their store locater.

This review is unsolicited and I received no compensation for it. Just my humble opinion:)

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