Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday, er... Monday Morning Chit-Chat

This picture is of Buckwheat. My husband plants it as a cover crop in part of the garden to add nutrients to the soil. I will post more about this later in the week. I thought it was pretty with it's little white blossoms!

Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily had a super busy week with sick kids, a photo shoot (check out her photos--impressive) and "forgot" the Sunday Night Chit-Chat! It was missed BUT she decided to turn it into a Sunday Morning Chit-Chat instead! Works for me:) Sooo, here goes!

What am I...

Reading...Perusing crochet books looking for my next project. I am going to need some help with the Wheat Doily so it will have to wait till my next trip to town.

Watching...Watched The Shunning (finally) on Netflix yesterday. It was a really good movie but I couldn't believe they left us where they did:( Hope there's a sequel like there was with the books by Beverly Lewis. I will be pretty busy today so not likely to watch any TV. 

Listening to...The windmill (actually wind turbine)--not loud but the window is open and I can hear it. And of course, Rocky, our English Bulldog, is snoring beside me. He has a comforting little snore:) 

Cooking/baking...I will be making bread today! 

Happy I accomplished...Trip to daughter's (check); Stampin' Up! order sent in (check); laundry done after trip (check); house cleaned (check); blogged consistently (still working on this one--getting easier). I am good:) 

Looking forward to this week...Independence Day (July 4)! Parade; Picnic with family and friends! Shopping for it today and cooking for it tomorrow!

Thankful for today...My mom seems to be feeling a little better today. Hopefully this marks a turnaround for her health issues.

The top 5 tasks on my to-do list this week are...

  1. Get ready for July 4--shopping, cooking, serving.
  2. Work on organizing my craft room (daunting task)
  3. Make more cards (seems I'm always behind)--need 4 birthday and 6 thank you.
  4. Start on new tote bag.
  5. Design new blog header (in the works but need to finish)
Well, that's it for my week. I hope you have a wonderful Monday! I am hoping to be back tomorrow with a card or two. Wish me luck!  Kat

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  1. Did you read "The Fiddler?" I think it's her last book... I enjoyed it! I haven't seen any of the movies but I'll have to look into them! Hope your mom is feeling better soon, good luck with your week!