Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Today has been a strange day already and it's only 8:30 am! Oh my, what does the rest of the day hold?!!! Decided with the day I was having maybe I should do a GBU post so checked in with Mysti at Digging Out from our Mess to see if I could make myself feel better. Well, I think she was having a better week than me:( Oh, well, tomorrow is another day with so many wonderful possibilities!

The Good:

  • My birthday was Sunday and I got a new swivel-rocker recliner plus lots of other fun gifts:)
  • Lots of birthday emails, phone calls and cards!
  • My Happy Stampers meet tonight--whoo hoo!
  • Temperature cooled down a little--might even be able to bake tomorrow
  • Hubby has had lots of work
  • Yummies in the garden--cucumbers, tomatoes, raspberries, apricots...
  • Had some nice visits with friends
The Bad:
  • The house is a mess:( I am cleaning it TOMORROW for sure!!!
  • Thunderstorms this week
  • Haven't felt like cooking for about two weeks
  • Headache today--think it's allergies
  • Got stung by a bee on my toe on Sunday--that's what I get for going barefoot:(
  • The season is over for Dogs in the City and The Firm--sure hope they renew!
The Ugly:
  • Our "adorable" English Bulldog, Rocky, found some mud this morning and literally rolled in it--covered head to foot! But that wasn't the worst of it--when my hubby opened the door to come in the house Rocky ran past him, mud and all! Hubby tried to catch him but he was too fast; ran into the living room (yup! carpet) and hunkered under the coffee table. When hubby reached down to pick him up he peed on the floor (Rocky, not hubby)! Well, needless to say, I have a mess on the floor and a dirty dog that I don't have time to clean up today because I am blogging and have stamping club tonight! LOL My son will bathe the dog when he gets home from work (it IS his dog after all) and I will get the floor taken care of tomorrow. That's the thing with housework--it will still be there tomorrow!!!
Have a wonderful day! I think mine will have to get better from here, don't you?  Kat


  1. I was so discombobulated by the whole thing and had a headache to boot so no photos!