Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday

It's time once again for Thankful Thursday! How wonderful it is to take the time out to think of things I am truly thankful for and sharing them with you makes me doubly thankful!

#1...I am thankful I am no longer having Prednisone withdrawal symptoms! For five days I was super tired, had achy muscles and joints (especially lower back), feverish, stomach issues, headache--yuck! But now I feel sooo much better. I am itching a little but not bad and think it will just take time for the offending food proteins to work their way out of my system.

#2...I am thankful for beautiful blue skies and sunshine today! It couldn't be any more beautiful for a winter day:)

#3...I am thankful for good friends! Where would a girl be without her friends?!!! 

#4...I am thankful for each one of you who visit my blog regularly! When I started this blog I was mainly doing it for me but it is so much more fun to have others to share it with. 

#5...I am thankful for my bed! Now, I know that sounds silly but when you've not been feeling well, your bed can become your best friend! After getting rid of the memory foam mattress topper (oops! false alarm--read about it here) we purchased a down and feather bed topper--super yummy! Plus I have my down pillows and a luscious down comforter to top it all off. Hmmm...maybe I need a nap (just kidding--too much to do today for that)! Oh, and I guess I can be thankful I am NOT allergic to down:)

Okay, it's your turn! What are you thankful for today?



  1. I'm so glad you are feeling better! Love the new look of your blog too.

  2. Thank you Lena! That means a lot coming from you:) You are so talented! And yes it is nice to be feeling better after 4 months of feeling bad!