Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

Welcome to the Sunday Night Chit-Chat! My picture is of our sweet Rocky trying to sleep in the dachshund's bed! Petey weighs 10 pounds and Rocky weighs 60--definitely too big for the bed! He stayed there for over an hour, though! So funny! 

The Sunday Night Chit-Chat is initiated each week by Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily. Pop on over to see what she's been up to but be sure to come back here:)

This Sunday I am...

Reading...I put Happiness Key away for a bit. Just couldn't get into it. I think it will be good once I get through the first few chapters but I am struggling. So, I downloaded a book from Amazon via the Kindle app onto my iPad and am reading Bah, Humbug by Heather Horrocks! I am on chapter 4 so maybe there's hope! As a read aloud we are continuing to read Sackett's Land by Louis L'Amour. We read two chapters a night so it might take us awhile on this one. The story is really starting to get good!

Watching...I am getting a little bored with Revenge so not sure I will continue with it. I would love to watch another Christmas movie or a couple more episodes of McLeod's Daughters. Did you know there are 224 episodes on Netflix?!!! It will take me YEARS to watch them all! It took me two years to watch 118 episodes of Numbers!

Listening to...The chain saw my hubby is butchering the two Cypress trees out front with! He says they need it but I'm not sure. Time will tell. Unfortunately he is usually right about such things but I hate the way they look right now...and just before company:(

Cooking/Baking...Cooking a vegetable stew for supper. I should be baking bread but looks like that will be one of tomorrow's projects along with shampooing carpets.

Happy I accomplished this week...I really didn't accomplish much this week. I spent Monday and Tuesday getting ready for my Happy Stamper's Club; Wednesday was town day and Happy Stamper's Club; Thursday didn't do much; Friday cleaned house.

Looking forward to next week...Thursday is our Thanksgiving here in the U.S. so that will be fun. Friday, however, I will just be glad I survived it all! I do enjoy all the good food and good company.

Thankful for today...I think we finally figured out what is causing my terrible itchy rash! We won't know for sure for a couple of days or maybe weeks, but we think it is the new memory foam pillows we bought at the state fair in September. I have had the rash since the first week in September. Today we stripped the bed of all memory foam material--2 sets of pillows and mattress topper. Will see if that does the trick. The doctor said he suspected something toxic; this could be it! There are hundreds of comments on the internet of people with similar problems caused by their mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers off-gasing:(

You're handed a round trip plane ticket to anywhere in the world for a weekend and $1000 cash. The catch? You have to go alone, right then and there with only what you have on hand. Do you go? Where do you go?

Yes, I would go to Hawaii for the weekend...all by myself! I typically am a homebody and NEVER go anywhere by myself but I think I might be up for this challenge! I like to think I would take the challenge anyway. A girl can dream...

Well, friends, that's it for my Sunday Night Chit-Chat! Would you take the money and tickets and go somewhere? I would love to know where you would go for the weekend!

Have a great evening!



  1. Thank you for the novella suggestion. I was thinking a short read sounded good and this one looks to fit the bill. And the price was justbright. :)

    1. Can't beat free:) You'll have to let me know what you think!

  2. I just love your Rocky!!! Soooo sweet & lovable! I sure hope that taking off those foam toppers will help! Flip & vacuum your mattress as well! Let us know how it goes!! ((hugs))

    1. Rocky is super high maintenance but also a great source of comic relief! We did vacuum and flip the mattress plus vacuumed under the bed! I sure hope it works too!