Sunday, January 6, 2013

January Decluttering and No/Low Spend Challenge

I meant to get this post up on Friday but when I visited the doctor on Thursday he told me to go off the Prednisone. Sounds simple enough. He said in a couple of days I might have a "slump" but not to worry. Well, 24 hours after I took my last Prednisone I went into a major slump--tired (slept for hours), achy muscles (lower back was killing me), headache! I would call it a little more than a slump. Today I am still really tired but the aches are pretty much gone! I will do an update on my doctor visit tomorrow:)


  • 4 pair pajamas
  • 10 books
  • 1 set of hot curlers from the 80s!
  • 5 bottles of vitamins/supplements that were past date
  • stack of old magazines

Ah, I've only been through one week of the month and already have to revise my spending. I had hoped to only spend $20 this month. Since I am only working with my allowance I thought that should be doable but I guess NOT!!! At the end of last month I had $52.80 left which is amazing since we had just gone through Christmas!!! So, my revised plan is that I not spend more than that $52.80 during the month of January! So far this month I have spent the following:
  • $2.99 on the Paperless App for making lists (LOVE it!!!)
  • $2.00 for tip when Hubby an I ate out last Thursday (he didn't have enough cash to cover the $5 tip)
  • $12.99 for Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles--I couldn't find the yarn to finish my scarf so decided to purchase the needles needed to make it a Cowl instead.
  • $2.99 for the Kindle download of The "Do What You Can" Plan...21 Days to Making Any Area of Your Life Better by Holley Gerth (thank you Sandra for the heads up on this book only sorry I missed the free download)
According to my new Spending app (free) I have $31.83 to last me through the month. I will need to spend some mid month to purchase items for February's stamping club but am hoping I can do it for $30 or less:) At least I am really thinking about each purchase before I make it. I have to hand it to those of you who are working with a whole family budget! Fortunately, hubby takes care of that and does a fine job so I'll just stay out of his way:)

Hopefully I will have a few more inches on the Cowl down to show you tomorrow:) And I have a before and (hopefully) an after shot of my trouble spot--my desk! It has been a disaster since before Christmas!!!

I will be back a little later for the Sunday Night Chit-Chat so be sure to check back by!



  1. That's tough budget you have there! You need to stay really frugal for the rest of the month :)

  2. I had no idea how hard it was going to be NOT to spend money!!! A little this and a little that really adds up:( I think I can make it through this week without spending (I think I can...I think I can...). Thanks for stopping by!