Thursday, January 10, 2013

Update on January No/Low Spend & Decluttering Challenge

Well, I am behind on reporting my progress on the January No/Low Spend and Decluttering Challenge but better late than never, right?!!! I did do an update on January 6 and don't have a lot to update but will add what I have.

  • 4 pair pajamas
  • 10 books
  • 1 set of hot curlers from the 80s!
  • 5 bottles of vitamins/supplements that were past date
  • stack of old magazines
  • stack of old catalogs 
  • 9 dishtowels and 3 dish cloths ( I gave to our church kitchen)
  • lots of paper!!!

After my spending "spree" last week, I haven't spent anything! I have downloaded some FREE Kindle books to my iPad and am making a list of other ones I might want to purchase later. This week I am starting a list of needs/wants. If it stays on the list for 3 weeks and I still need/want it I will go ahead and purchase it. So I still have $31.83 left to spend this month. However, my stamping club order is coming up on the 22nd. I received $59.00 from Stampin' Up! (don't know how to describe this but it's extra; overrides from downline and extra sales "bonus") so that goes into my savings:)

Carla had a couple of challenges for us and I met both of those challenges. The first was a clutter trouble spot and mine is my desk. It is right by the door in the dining room plus when the dining table needs cleaned off I tend to put everything on my desk to "deal with later"! Sometimes later is a long time coming!
Ta da! After:) Hubby was sooo pleased!
Then she issued Challenge #2 which is the Junk Drawer! Now, I aced this one because I had recently cleaned it. So just needed to do a quick straighten to the drawer:)
I know, not much difference but it works for me. Our "junk" drawer houses kitty treats, packing tape, seeds for next season, a few pens/pencils, rubber bands and scratch fixing stuff for wood. It's a tiny drawer.

Okay, that's it for me today. How is your decluttering going? Got any trouble spots or solutions you want to share? 



  1. You did a great job on de-cluttering! I really need to go through my medicine cabinet too.

    1. Our supplement and tea cupboards are the worst! I will be decluttering my tea cupboard next!

  2. Good job!! :) Since your decluttering was so easy wanna come & do mine? lol!!

    1. Oh my! So many more areas to declutter! Hopefully since I am feeling better I will be able to make more progress:)