Wednesday, January 2, 2013

As Promised--the Crafty Stuff

Card made by Chirella Wallace

I received a few really cute handmade cards this year and wanted to share them with you before the "season" was completely gone! The card above is so elegant and made by one of my Happy Stampers! 

Card made by Judy Handbury--a Stampin' Up! customer

Card made by Christy Correa--another Happy Stamper
Card I received from Kim Bach as part of the Happy Stampers Card Swap
Each card is so different yet wonderful! I appreciated each one and I hope you enjoy them to.

One more thing before I go...

This is the scarf I am knitting...for MYSELF! I rarely make anything for myself! I get so excited when I finish something that I quickly find someone to give it to:) I found this yarn in my favorite color (lime green--the package calls it Monterey Lime) so decided to make myself a simple scarf to enjoy for the winter! It will look great with my black coat, don't you think?

Close-up of scarf stitches
I am knitting the scarf using Lion Brand Hometown USA bulky weight yarn and size 13 bamboo knitting needles. It is a simple k2, p2 pattern. I purchased two skeins of yarn but might have to get one or two more to make it as long as I want. There goes $8 out of the $20 I have to spend this month!

I am also knitting a pair of socks (also for myself) but will wait till I get the heel turned to show it to you.

What crafty projects do you have in the works in the first week of this new year?



  1. I love to make cards. I have never homemade my christmas cards before. I always say I will and never get around to it. I like the first one.

    1. I was going to make our Christmas cards this year but...didn't happen:( Maybe this year???

  2. DD and I plan to work on a couple of small baby quilts for one of her besties. If we don't finish them before she heads back to the east coast, I promised to finish them. EZ pattern to get me back into sewing.