Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday

It's time for Thankful Thursday once again! I missed last week and very nearly missed today as well but slipping in just under the wire! Though feeling MUCH better, I still don't have my energy back so am not getting as much done and it's taking longer to do the little that I am getting done:( I just keep reminding myself to be patient! So, what am I thankful for this week?!!!

#1...I am thankful for a gift from my friend Barb of 4 beautiful hand-knit dishcloths. Check out the different textures! They are almost too pretty to use!

#2...I am thankful for a card I received in the mail from my daughter. We made a few Triple Time Stamping cards when I was at her house in September and she has gone crazy making them. On this one she used one of her new stamp sets, Papillon Potpourri and her new Butterfly Punch! And just the right amount of bling:) 

#3...The ice started melting today and I thought I was going to have sunshine but the fog rolled in again. However, instead of have 20 degree temperatures it warmed up to 33 degrees (F) today!

#4...Hubby has been working steady all month. Usually, he has a slump time in January and February but there hasn't been any slump this month!

#5...The internet! I know that must sound silly but I have found some of the best knit/crochet patterns lately via the internet...and they're FREE! Besides, without the internet, HOW would I connect with YOU?!!!

Be thankful today for the little things:)



  1. These washcloths are awesome! I'm glad your Hubby has a great month at work!

    1. I love them! I am thinking of making some for Christmas gifts. Want to get an early start! We are truly thankful! We save for the slow months but nice to not need it:)

  2. Those dishcloths are beautiful!! Lucky you! What a blessing hubby's steady work hours met be! :)

    1. Each one is made with a different pattern! I love handmade gifts:) Yes we feel blessed that hubby has kept busy at work this month!