Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Goals 2013

Borrowed from The Every Girl

January Goals

The holidays are finally over and it is back to life as usual if that is possible in a week that has already had THREE Sundays in it! Do you know what I mean?!!! The guys went back to work today so now it feels like Monday but is in fact Wednesday! Maybe by next Monday I will have the days all sorted out again:)

I have been reading blog posts about Goal Setting in the New Year. I have tried the New Year's Resolutions and the yearly goals and can't seem to stay on track  till Valentine's Day! I say I'm ADD but most likely just have ADD tendencies--I have great ideas and can start projects but have poor follow through. As soon as I see in my mind what a project will look like finished I am off to the next one even if that one isn't actually finished! Have I mentioned the SIX unfinished  crocheted afghans in my craft room?!!! I think it was on last year's goal list but I am afraid to go look for fear of seeing all the other things I didn't do:(

Sooo, this year I am going to try monthly goals. No more than 10 in a month. And try to keep them reasonable. My goals for this month are...

  1. Complete Carla's January No/Low Spend & Decluttering Challenge which means I will be removing 100 items from my home (throw away or give away) and I have limited myself to spending only $20 of this month's allowance. Hubby does the grocery shopping and takes care of the bills so I don't worry about that money (he is sooo good with money). I do however want to start saving some of my allowance and stamping income each month.
  2. Bible Study for 30 minutes per day.
  3. Write in my journal 3 x per week.
  4. Exercise 30 minutes 3 x per week.
  5. Make two of the sewing projects on my list and post on blog.
  6. New Blog Header sooner than later!
  7. New Thankful Thursday button!
  8. Make Thank You cards and send for Christmas gifts received and to hubby's clients.
  9. FINISH pair of socks I am knitting--both of them!
  10. Complete and post my Design Team project for The Cupboard Trilogy Challenge for February.
Next month I want to start adding some of my unfinished projects to the list and see if I can get them done. Also REALLY want to start making Christmas and Birthday gifts so I don't save them all till the last minute.

Do you set goals for a year, month or ??? What are some of the goals you are setting for yourself?



  1. Good luck with your goals. I have mine all in my head. I totally need to write them down. :)

  2. Thank you Ally Jo! Mine are usually in my head too but I need to see them to get them done:)

  3. I look forward to watching the progress. I have nom doubt that you'll get to those unfinished projects In 2013. I havent formalized my goals yet, but living a healthier life is definitely a theme. :)

    1. I love Elizabeth's goal of being happy! What a wise mother you have:)