Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Whoo Hoo! It's time for Thankful Thursday! There is always sooo much to be thankful for, however I will try to concentrate on just a few:)

#1...We have a 3-day trip to the Oregon Coast in the planning stages for the middle of February:) I have been checking out used book stores, coffee shops (I love Iced Chai with Soymilk), a yarn shop which turns out to be a craft store as well, and a tanning salon (looks like it's right next to the yarn/craft store (BONUS)! All of the businesses I found were within 1/2 mile of the place we are staying--walking distance for sure!

#2...We have had wind/sun this week so our off-grid power is working without the aid of the diesel generator!!! That means money saved! 

#3...We have stayed healthy for the last week!!! After the previous month, that is really saying something!

#4...Hubby had a really good January! He works on commission so if he doesn't sell, he doesn't get paid! Sooo, we will have money to put away for a month that isn't so good:)

#5...My mom hasn't had any health crises in the last couple weeks! Now, that's something to be thankful for!!! My sister lives with my mom and dad so keeps me apprised on their situation. No news from my sister is usually good news:)

Okay, it's your turn! What are you Thankful for today?

Have a great day!



  1. Sounds like a great week!! :) Yay for savings!!

    1. Savings is good for sure! Yes, it was a good week:) Thanks for stopping by!