Friday, November 16, 2012

5 Things Friday

Welcome once again to 5 Things Friday initiated each week by Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily. These are just five random things that I want to share with you so let's see, what can I share this week???

First off I will share the card with you that I promised. This was one of our Happy Stampers projects this week and is also one of Connie Stewart's Flash Cards over at Simply Simple Stamping! I am seriously addicted to these Flash Cards; can't get enough of them. If you can hear me Connie, KEEP MAKING THEM!!! For all the supplies and video instruction click here. Connie's videos are really fun to watch!

Okay, now for number two...Remember the Stampin' Trimmer I bought a few weeks ago and LOVE, by the way? Oh, you forgot already? Well, it's this one...
I sold four of them on this stamping order!!! It is seriously the best paper trimmer I have ever used! Just like slicing through butter...nice and smooth! Lots of nice features!

Now for number three...

I have a lot of cleaning and a lot of cooking to do before next Thursday, Thanksgiving! I guess what I will be most thankful for on Thanksgiving is that all the work is OVER! It would be nice to go someone else's house for the holiday for a change but Hubby loves to have people over. It wouldn't be so bad but with my health issues I haven't had ANY extra energy for at least three months! This too shall pass...

Number four...

I stumbled across a blog post yesterday where the author was writing about how she gets up in the morning, goes to her closet and picks out the shoes she is going to wear for the day, then picks out clothes to go with.!!! How funny is that?!! If I try to get dressed and then pick the shoes I never can get it right! My husband laughs because I might not be able to remember what somebody looks like but I will be able to tell you what shoes they were wearing:) Can you just see me as the witness to a crime??? 

Number five...

I bought six fat quarters of the BFF Girl Friends fabric by Elizabeth Studios that I have been lusting over!!! I was only able to get the piece pictured and some flowered in both brown and sepia but wasn't able to get the dots I wanted. That's okay, I am one happy camper with these! I also got the cutest pattern to make a kimono for an 18" doll. My granddaughter is 1/4 Japanese so she will love these little kimonos for her 18" dolls, Sophie and Chloe:) Right after Thanksgiving the sewing machine is coming out and staying out till Christmas. I have sooo many things I want to make! Stay tuned for pictures of finished projects:)

Carla threw in a # 6 this week asking about the type of shoes/boots we wear for winter. Well, my favorites are a pair of Docker Mules I have had forever and love because I can wear socks or tights with them and they look pretty good with most anything. I am really going to have to find another pair like them before next winter!
When it is too cold for these, I have a pair of Kirkland Signature (Costco) boots that are Ugg look alikes! They are super comfortable and I don't have to wear socks with them but they still keep my feet nice and toasty.

When I'm wearing dresses I wear my Keen Bern Baby Bern boots--two years old and still lovin' them:)

Well, that's my 5 Things for this Friday! 

Is your Christmas shopping/making finished or are you just getting started? Will you be participating in Black Friday shopping? I am about half done! I have family pretty much taken care of but have a few gifts I want to make for a few super special people:) And, no I will not be shopping on Black Friday. 

Have a nice weekend and be sure to check back in for the Sunday Night Chit-Chat!



  1. That fabric is just sooo sweet!! Love it! :) I tried on some UGGS today but my ankles & calves are slim so I find them so floppy... :( Not sure what I want to get...

    1. I can hardly wait to make something with my new fabric but then again I have bought a lot of fabric lately and made nothing:( Soon...very soon! I hope you find the perfect pair of winter shoes/boots!

  2. Oh gosh...I haven't even started to think about Christmas yet. I take that back, I've thought about it. :) Every year about January 1st I say next yr will be different, but it rarely is. Perhaps it's the excitement of doing things once the season is upon us. And that is definitely AFTER Halloween for me. :) I haven't shopped Black Friday for yrs. I'm not convinced that the prices are always the lowest and the crowds make me think twice. I may do some online shopping and find some fun stocking stuffers in the retail stores.

    And your card is beautiful BTW!

    1. Every year I say I am going to spread out the Christmas purchases throughout the year but it never happens:( I would love to just purchase or make two or three gifts each month--maybe next year! Hope springs eternal! Hope you find the perfect gifts for those two wonderful girls of yours!

      Thank you for your kind words about my card. I really enjoy Connie's Flash Cards! She is starting a new series of them called Flash Cards 2.0! Keep 'em coming Connie!