Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to Thankful Thursday! This is the day each week when I pause from whatever is going on in my life to list three things I am truly thankful for. This is the last week to use the ugly Thankful Thursday button as I am working on my December one and will have it ready for next Thursday. Can you believe it's almost December?!!! Where has the time gone?!!!

#1 on my thankful list this week is that it isn't Wednesday! Wednesday just didn't work for me this week. I did get my project done and posted for The Cupboard Trilogy Challenge but that is all I can say I accomplished yesterday. Even the card project was difficult for me to wrap my mind around. I think the itching is messing with my mind:( So, that brings me to #2!

#2 on my thankful list is that I am going to the doctor today for food allergy testing...a full week earlier than previously scheduled. It takes three weeks to get the results back so the sooner the better. After I see the doctor today I am going to go gluten free until the test results come back to see it that helps. You don't want to eliminate what might be problem foods BEFORE the testing because you want the culprits to show up in spades! Any suggestions on Gluten Free cookbooks or websites? 

#3 on my thankful list today is my very supportive husband who has been so patient with me the last month with this rash. He has tried every way he can to help me figure out what the problem is. I know he will be super thankful when this whole process of finally over. He is understanding of my low energy and crabbiness and doesn't push me to do more than I can do. The man I married 33 years ago wouldn't have been that patient but he has grown to be patient and kind and thoughtful. I praise the Lord for that--it was His doing for sure!

Well, I am off to get ready to go to the doctor for more blood-letting (just kidding!) If you are gluten intolerant or have family members who are then stay tuned because I will share recipes from my journey right here! 

 I thought my Fibromyalgia was bad but this takes misery to a whole new level. A friend of mine recently said, "If you want to torture someone just make them itch continually!"

My thankful list was mixed with a little complaining today but I am truly thankful that we will soon find out what is causing my current health challenge. 

Have a great day and please leave a comment about what you are truly thankful for today. 

Do you or a family member have health challenges that seem overwhelming?


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