Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Perfect Pair of Boots!

Keen Bern Baby Bern boots purchased at
 REI in Bend.
It had been 15+ years since I purchased my last pair of boots but I had been looking for the perfect boot.  Roomy for my toes, enough room for socks, and cute--definitely had to be cute!  In September, while walking through a mall, I saw them on display in a shoe store...the perfect boot.  Do you remember how it was when you met your spouse--eyes get starry, heart goes thumpety-thump, palms get sweaty?  Well, that's how it was when I "met" my new boots.  I tried them on and they felt PERFECT! We weren't ready to buy that day and my hubby wanted me to look around a bit more to be sure these were what I really wanted--he didn't understand that THESE WERE THE ONES!  And he is waaayyy more practical than I am. But he promised to get me a new pair of boots for Christmas.

Fast forward two months and I am still dreaming about the Keen Bern Baby Bern boots in oak--that's the color.  I had looked at other boots, weighed the pros and cons and still wanted the boots!  How could I not?!!! They are gorgeous AND practical!  It would have been more practical to get the boots in black but the oak color "had me at hello"!

In searching online where to purchase my new boots (a trip to the mall in Medford was out of the question), I found that REI carried them.  We decided to go to Bend so called REI in Bend to find out if they had the Keen Bern Baby Bern boots in size 8 1/2.  They did!  I was ecstatic!!!  I asked the salesperson to put them on "hold" for me. So off we went to Bend.  When I got to the store and told the shoe salesman who I was he went to get the boots.  He opened the box and there they were.  I asked to try them on one more time so he unzipped a boot and handed it to me.  As I was putting it on he said, "Oh no, the zipper's broken!" regarding the second boot.  My heart sank:(  I asked, a bit timidly, "Do you have another pair of size 8 1/2?"  He went off to check and came back with another pair--Yay!  The salesman went to help another customer and I proceeded to try BOTH boots on.  Got them on and looked down to admire my beautiful new boots and again my heart sank--each boot was a different shade of brown...very different.  Sooo, I frantically looked in the boxes and realized I had one boot on from each box.  When I got both boots from one box on, they matched and looked perfect!  The next day I wore them as we walked around downtown Bend as it snowed big fluffy flakes!

What's on your Christmas list?  Kat

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  1. WOW! Can't believe no body commented on my great new boots! I wore them to my husband's company Christmas party last weekend. I wasn't going to but then it snowed so I HAD to, right?!!! Love them!!!