Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Ten Random Things

Today I am going to just tell you Ten Random Things! How fun is that?!!! We'll see if you think so when I get finished:)

  • Time Management is an issue I have or should I say lack thereof? This was going to be my topic today but...I have read so many books on Time Management but haven't stumbled across the method that will work for me. Any ideas?
  • Lilacs are blooming in my yard and they are gorgeous!!!

  • My hair is starting to gray and I am trying to decided whether or not to color. I did read about doing a rinse using tea. It can't hurt so think I will try it. Not much gray in the front but significant streaks in the back.
  • The last few days of the A to Z Blogging Challenge are truly a challenge! Only 6 posts left to go!
  • Hubby and I will be celebrating our 35th Wedding Anniversary in June:D
  • I will celebrate my 60th Birthday in July:0 
  • For my recent trip, I made these cute little cards to put a Ghiradelli chocolate square and a tip in for Housekeeping at the hotel. We gave one each day and my granddaughter loved it! I hope the Housekeeping staff did as well!

  • I get very sad when Stampin' Up! releases their Retired List every year (on April 21 this year) but start to feel a little better the 1st of May when I see the New Annual Catalog:) Fortunately I don't have to get rid of my favorites, just can't use them for workshops.
  • I love to knit, crochet, sew and do paper crafts!!!
  • This is so sad, but my iPad is my best friend! It is truly one of the best gifts I have ever received followed closely by my Vita Mix!!!
Woo Hoo! I came up with Ten Random Things! Can you believe how random they are?!!! Which one is your favorite?

Tomorrow is the Letter U! Hmmm...not sure what I will write about that starts with U. Any ideas?!!!



  1. It seems there is never enough time.

    I shaved my head for a cancer benefit, and found I liked it this way, so I've kept it up. It occurs to me I might not know down the line when I go gray, aside, perhaps from the beard.

  2. I gave up on coloring my hair, but I may go blond for summer. I'm almost all gray in the front. I also love my iPad. It's the first thing I go to in the morning to check my mail. I take it everywhere with me. I wrote my U post, but now I'm stuck on V...and W...and, oh hell,I'm out of ideas.

  3. It was fun to read these random things. I liked the idea about the cards with the chocolate. It's extremely sweet!

  4. Great random things – love the cards. I can't help you with time management, because I'm still searching for it myself. :-)