Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Gramma

Just a reminder that for the A to Z Challenge, I am trying to keep my posts shorter than normal. I hope you are enjoying the Challenge! I have visited some amazing blogs and will share some of those with you later this week.

Last year for the A to Z Blogging Challenge I used Grandma for the letter G but blogged about my very special grandma. This year I am blogging about being a Gramma to my precious granddaughter:)

My son-in-law asked me from the beginning NOT to post pictures of my granddaughter online or to use her name so that is why those things are missing from this post.

I became a Gramma almost 9 years ago at the age of 50 (I turned 51 about 3 weeks later). It really changed my life! 

Being a Gramma means...

  • I go to visit her every three months--twice a year for one whole week:)
  • I get to buy American Girl and Barbie dolls
  • We do lots of crafting when I visit
  • I want to be for her the kind of person my Grandma was for me
  • Looking at EVERYTHING differently--the trip to Wildlife Safari was truly amazing because I got to see it through her eyes!
  • I exercise and take care of myself so I can keep up with her
I am so thankful to my son-in-law and daughter for making me a Gramma! It is truly a great experience. Now, if my son would just get married and give me a few more grandchildren I would be ecstatic!!! Not sure how I would afford more though!

Do you have grandchildren? Did they change your life? Was your grandmother a big influence in your life.



  1. Now, save probably for the barbies, that's just the kind of grandma I want to be:-) But hopefully none of the offspring are planning it quite yet.

    1. Barbies aren't my favorite but DD and DGD love them. I do love the American Girl Dolls though! Being a Gramma is the best...when the time is right:)

  2. I'd have to have children first, and I came to the conclusion that I would not make a good father. Fortunately my parents had a good number of grandchildren, so there was never any pressure on me.

    My maternal grandmother was a very strong influence on me.

    1. Being a parent is such an important role that I respect when people realize they wouldn't make good parents. My maternal grandmother is the person I most want to be like minus her 5 marriages...we called her the black widow!