Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Poor Baby Dog

Sunday afternoon Rocky's right back paw started swelling. When I looked, there was a small abscess type sore between two of his toes. We washed it with hydrogen peroxide and put triple antibiotic cream on it. The next day the swelling was worse so cleaned it up again, this time putting tea tree oil on it. We did this four times during the day but at the end of the day decided we needed to make a trip to the vet the next day. Fortunately, Dr. Cari was able to get us in and determined it was a "cheat grass abscess". In other words he had somehow gotten cheat grass stuck in there and it worked it's way into the skin. So, an hour later, after surgery, I picked up a very groggy puppy with a bandaged foot. I wish I had a picture of what he looked like on the way home--lower lip drooped, eyes droopy, sooo cute!

The picture on the right is my dog on drugs! He was not a bit happy with me taking pictures of him. I think I have more pictures of Rocky than I do my kids when they were growing up OR my granddaughter! Is there a support group for this problem?!!!

He was very droopy all evening and put himself to bed early (he sleeps in his crate). This morning he was back to his normal self! Not sure that's good:( This puppy (now 9 months old) has been equal to most two year olds as far as trouble he can get into. We had to put an electric fence around the garden after he ate a 20 ft row of kale and started on our asparagus patch. Most dogs we have had learn with one or maybe two encounters with the electric fence but not Rocky! It took him five times to learn NOT TO TOUCH THE WIRE! I accidentally touched it one day and it was NOT pleasant! Only took me ONCE!!!

Needless to say we love this little guy and thankful to have him as part of our family. If you haven't watched it yet, be sure to watch Dogs in the City tonight at 8:00 on CBS. They have had an English Bulldog on both episodes--does that tell you anything?!!! The trainer has three dogs/owners he works with per episode and it is a wonderful family show!

Sorry I haven't had any projects to show you yet this week. Believe me, I'm working on it!!! Have a great day! Kat


  1. Awwww...poor baby!! :( He's sooo darn cute though!! I love bulldogs to bits!! Hope he's feeling better soon!

    1. He is doing much better. Can't tell he ever had anything wrong! Today he discovered raspberries--so funny!

  2. Super cute little face! I have a Boston Terrier (guess I have a thing for pushed in faces LOL). Thx for following my blog - just returned the favor. :)

  3. My son says they look like they've been running into parked cars LOL! He's making a dog lover out of me--not sure that's a good thing!