Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Me & My New Shoes

I had a town day with my hubby on Monday! Lots we needed to do but got to do some fun stuff too like eat lunch at Olive Garden:) So yummy! I could make a meal out of just salad and bread sticks!!!

Our biggest (and longest) stop was Costco--my eye appointment, picking out the frames (yuck--wanted something fun but ended up with functional), buying groceries...and I found these shoes! I have been wanting something like this since last summer--a sport shoe that I didn't have to wear socks with! The price on the ones I had been looking at was $80 and I wasn't willing to pay that much. Looking online showed that the retail for these was $79.99! Well, the beauty of these was Costco only had two sizes left--6 and 8 (I wear an 8). And the best part??? They were only $39.99!!! I was doing a little happy dance right there in the aisle! They are so comfy and super cute!

The shoes are Genesis by J-41 and are Jeep Trail Rated whatever that means. From the J-41 website, I quote: 

"From the moment we are born, life is a personal journey. Around every bend lies the unexpected. Those twists and turns that define each of our lives. J-41™ Footwear is built to meet life’s challenges. Engineered to traverse individual terrains, J-41™ offers superior traction, durability and comfort.
Featuring ridged rubber soles, fastdrying, water resistant materials and extra cushioning for superior support, J-41™ is the footwear of choice for individuals on-the-move. Wherever you may go, whatever you may do, J-41™ is a true friend and constant companion.
Combining a highly-functional design with exceptional style,
J-41™ Footwear sets a pace well above the crowd. From leisurely outings to more intensive activities, J-41™ is a high performance “go anywhere” shoe that looks and feels great. A roadmap — gently imbedded in our soles — symbolizes the unique and very special adventure that each of us embarks upon."

So, if your Costco doesn't have them or doesn't have your size and you just have to have a pair (like me) you can purchase these shoes for $44.95 from Sierra Trading Post or Amazon.

Yes, I am still happy dancin' in my new shoes:) Hmmm...does happy dancin' qualify as exercise? Kat

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