Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

My brother's wife died on Tuesday this week from a heart attack. It was totally unexpected. The quote above is how I feel at the moment. Not totally appropriate because when we lose someone we always feel their absence but at least the initial shock and pain will pass. She was truly a gift from God to everyone who knew her.

If this is your first time to the Sunday Night Chit-Chat, it is started each week by Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily. Those of us who want to participate do a Sunday Night Chit-Chat post giving our answers to Carla's questions. Then we link back to her website. I have really been enjoying this and I think most of my readers have too:)

Sooo, What am I...

Reading... I have several things going at the moment. I Will Die Free by Noble Alexander (with Kay Rizzo) is our family read aloud book at the moment; Ask the Animals, a vet's-eye view of pets and the people they love by Bruce R. Coston, D.V.M. is the book I am reading to my son in the morning before he goes to work; I am almost finished with A Time to Dance by Karen Kingsbury; and my new Weight Watchers magazine and Stampin' Success magazine just arrived so am looking those over real good:)

Watching...Was watching Flight of the Phoenix but got bored with it so let the guys finish it without me. I am wanting to watch The Shunning on Netflix but don't know if I will get it done tonight.

Listening to...Nothing at the moment.

Cooking/Baking...Cooked artichokes when I got home today. 

Happy you accomplished...Does 33 years of marriage count? LOL

Looking forward to next week...Getting several unfinished projects FINISHED! I am the Queen of Unfinished Projects:(

Thankful for today...Today is our 33rd wedding anniversary:) We spent the weekend in Portland, OR--motel, restaurants, fun! I am also thankful I was able to visit with my brother while I was in Portland. 

Best buy over the last month... I am still really thrilled with my J-41 Genesis shoes that I got at Costco for $39.99 (regular price $79.99 but can be purchased at Amazon for $44.95). I wore them all weekend and they were sooo comfortable!

Thank you for stopping by for the Sunday Night Chit-Chat! I hope you enjoy your evening.  Kat


  1. I'm so very sorry for your loss... :(

    Happy Anniversary (I hope it was!) 33 years is amazing!!! Just wonderful!! So many have called it 'quits' well before that!

  2. Thank you Carla:) Marriage is a lot of ups and downs and there were times when calling it quits might have been easier but so worth the perseverance!