Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pineapple Doily

Happy Thursday to you! I have been crocheting again (or is it still) and finished another beautiful doily. This "twirling pinwheel of pineapples" is from the book Favorite Throws & Table Toppers to Crochet by Annie's Attic. I love to crochet pineapples! This pattern is called Passionate Plum in the book because it was crocheted in plum colored thread but I decided to do mine in white this time. The last time I crocheted this pattern it was in a beautiful sage green for my friend, Barb. It measures 16 inches across and was crocheted in size 10 crochet cotton using a size 8/1.50mm steel crochet hook.

The photo at right is a closeup of the center pinwheel portion. 

I have found Annie's Attic crochet patterns to be the easiest to follow. At least 35 years ago I was trying to learn to follow a printed pattern. I could crochet but only if someone showed me how to do it. Well, along came Annie's Crochet, a magazine that had wonderful, usable patterns in it. The instructions were easy enough that I could follow them--any of them. Annie's Attic  sells other patterns but if you want simple to follow, choose the ones that say Annie's Attic. I have also found Annie's Attic patterns at Joanns.

The photo at left is a closeup of the pineapples at the edge. I always feel so accomplished when I finish a doily. 

Currently I am working on a doily called Lace Wheat. They are also known as Ripened Wheat. I have never tried a Wheat doily before so we'll see what happens.

I hope you have wonderful day full of the Lord's rich blessings! I am hoping one of those blessings is sunshine today but fear it will just be more rain--which is a blessing for the farmers:) Kat


  1. I want to know if u can send me the doily pattern. the pineapple one??

    1. It is from the book Favorite Throws and Table Toppers to Crochet from Annie's Attic.