Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

Mysti at Digging Out of Our Mess started the Good, The Bad & the Ugly so I decided to play along! The picture is borrowed from Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily. Carla is joining in too so you can check out her Good, Bad & Ugly as well.

The Good:
  • I signed up a new person with Stampin' Up! last week! Whoo Hoo! 
  • I hit 4000 visits on my blog last week!
  • Vacuumed my bed mattress, under the bed and washed all bedding--sooo nice!
  • Watched a great new TV show called, Dogs in the City! It is my new favorite show for sure:)
  • Received a stamp set I have been wanting really bad (not in the catalog or on the website) but a sweetie named Darrah sold me hers and I was over-the-top excited to get it!!! Thank you Darrah!!!
  • Lots of delicious strawberries in the garden:) We have really been enjoying them.
  • Ate my first raspberry of the season last night.
  • Lost 2 pounds this week.
  • Visited with a nice couple yesterday about healthy eating. It was fun to visit with kindred spirits.

The Bad:
  • Didn't get the house vacuumed as planned
  • Didn't call my mom but will try to do that today
  • Wish we would get some nice warm weather. Maybe I could trade with Carla for a few days:)
  • Didn't feel like cooking this week so meals were unimaginative:(
The Ugly:
  • Been trying to update my blog and it's really not working:(
  • Didn't get ANY sewing projects started (or finished)
  • Didn't get any cards made this week
  • Puppy has decided eating thinned apples is good...but then he throws them up wherever he is:(
  • An "event" (that I had no part in planning) was sooo disorganized that I wished I wasn't there! 
Well I guess that's enough for today. I will be back tonight with the Sunday Night Chit-Chat!

Hope your Sunday is sunny and warm:) Kat


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and playing along!

  2. You have lot's of good! Congrats on the weight loss & picking up the new stamp set!! I need to start on an invitation order tonight...they need it ASAP! I used to scrapbook all the time & totally fell out of it... I think it's because I was on so many design teams, wore me out! We have rain all week, still want to trade?? ;)

    1. The rain we have, thanks! I want some of that heat you were having! Good luck with your invitation order.