Thursday, January 9, 2014


Usually when I hear the word Pressure I think of stress but right now I am feeling a different kind of pressure. On Tuesday I was standing on a chair (with wheels) trying to get something off the top of a cupboard. Well, long story short, the chair slipped out from under me and I hit the tiled concrete floor with a bang! Somehow (and thankfully) my head and arms went forward so I landed on my lower back/buttocks area! I know! I know! Huge safety violation! I got the lecture from my son and hubby and my daughter wants to wrap me in several layers of bubble wrap!

So how does my accident relate to pressure? Well, you would not believe the pressure I feel in my lower back and hip area! I am pretty sure the pressure is from inflammation but because of my kidney infection I don't feel comfortable using Ibuprofen and so I suffer:( I have been icing two or three times a day plus hubby has rubbed Magnesium Oil on the affected areas with some good results.

I also feel the pressure do do things that I physically cannot do right now, like vacuum and mop the floors. Not. Going. To. Happen!!! It is hard to lift things, push or pull, cough or laugh, stand for more than 5 minutes and get up from sitting or lying down.

I feel incredibly blessed that I did not break anything! I also feel blessed that I did not hit my head or elbows.

Have you ever done something incredibly stupid and ended up paying with pain and misery?

Trust me, this isn't the only stupid stunt in my life but you can be sure I won't repeat this one! From now on, I will grab the footstool no matter where it is. Or better yet, find my 6'6" hubby and have him get the item for me:) He has on idea how annoying it is to be short (5'3")!



  1. Ouch - hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. I, too, have had some stupid accidents. My brain still thinks I'm a limber teenager, but my body can't respond quickly to danger. Where I once could gracefully take two steps and recover, I now fall flat on my face. I've always got bruises! When will my brain catch on to my aging abilities? Hope you recover quickly.