Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday

I am a little late getting started with Happy Homemaker Monday but it is still Monday! We were invited over to visit friends on the spur of the moment yesterday and got home late so missed the Sunday Night Chit-Chat but we had sooo much fun! Have you ever played You've Been Sentenced? It is so much fun!!! We will be ordering that game for ourselves! Check it out...seriously,!!!

As usual, Happy Homemaker Monday is brought to us by the very talented and super busy Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. It is so much fun to link up with her each week. So, let's get started...

As I look outside my window:::
It is dark, cold, foggy, icy--yuck! yuck! yuck! It doesn't look much better during the day! We have been foggy and below 30 degrees (F) for a week and a half now. Enough already! 

Right now I am:::
Sitting in my favorite chair near our wood stove, sipping some water, waiting for hubby to get home from his busy day.

Thinking and pondering:::
I was supposed to work on tax stuff today but never did get my mind wrapped around it:( Which means I will have to put my nose to the grindstone tomorrow to get it finished! Hubby wants it to go out in the mail THIS WEEK!

On my bedside table:::
Bible and Desire of Ages. I need to renew the library book on my Kindle App.

On my TV tonight...
We are almost finished with Emily Owens MD on Netflix so will hopefully get an episode or two in tonight.

Listening to:::
Nothing--ah, sweet silence! Okay, just after I typed the silence part our English Bulldog, Rocky, started snoring! I thought I would hate his snoring but he really does have a sweet little snore:)

On the menu for this week:::
Monday -- Pasta, broccoli & carrots
Tuesday -- Baked Potatoes and Winter Squash; green salad
Wednesday -- Rice and Pinto Beans
Thursday -- Bulgar Chili
Friday -- Leftover Chili
Saturday -- Potluck at Church
Sunday -- Mizidra (rice and lentils)

On my to do list:::

  • Get taxes ready for accountant
  • Laundry
  • Make a few more cards
  • Clean refrigerator
Plans for this week:::
  • Monday--Stamping business stuff--order brochures; get card swap email sent; plan paper/ribbon share and send email
  • Tuesday--tax stuff or go to town with hubby
  • Wednesday--Stamping Order
  • Thursday--Laundry, clean refrigerator
  • Friday--Clean house
  • Saturday--Church
  • Sunday--kick back and relax
What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
  • Lots of cards
  • Finishing up scarf and headband for toddler
  • Crocheting boot sock cuff things
My simple pleasure:::
Crawling into my freshly made bed with clean sheets and fluffed mattress topper and comforter:) My whole body just relaxes as I sink into my bed!

Lesson learned the past week:::
I don't have all the answers (shock)! Sometimes (most times) I just need to trust that God is still on His throne and will work everything out to His (not mine) honor and glory. There are lessons for me to learn even in the darkness! This week I am endeavoring to learn to praise God no matter what the circumstances! It is oh so hard but I believe that is where God wants me to be in my relationship with Him.

Looking around the house:::
A little clutter from our day but not too bad. The dogs haven't taken ALL their toys out of the toy box:) Dishes need to be done from dinner.

From the camera:::
Nothing today.

Prayer List:::
  • My back is healing but still has a ways to go
  • Our friend's dog who wasn't feeling well last night
  • Our friends' daughter who is leaving for Namibia Africa next week
  • My precious daughter and her sweet family
Bible verse; Devotional:::
"Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God" -- Psalm 143:10

Well, that's it for me tonight! I will try to get in a little bit of tax stuff before bed so I can hopefully go with hubby tomorrow. 



  1. Good luck with your taxes. It is that time of year. Sounds like a really fun came you were playing at your friends' house. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Deb! I do hate taxes but they have to be done, right? The game was great fun!

  2. So glad to read that you enjoyed the You've been Sentenced! word game! Right now, you can save 30% off you total order (including themed add-on decks) at Just use coupon code: SAVE30 at check-out. Enjoy!

    Susan McNeill
    McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds
    creators of the You've been Sentenced! word game

    1. Thank you Susan! What a great discount to offer my readers! I hope people take advantage because this is a great game and would especially be great for home schoolers!

  3. Well, an English bulldog is of course entirely adorable, after all...

    1. Rocky is totally adorable! He is high maintenance but such a sweet dog:)

  4. great list to read. I would love and English Bulldog.

    1. Thanks, Gill! English Bulldogs are sweet and fun but the highest maintenance dog we have ever owned.