Friday, January 17, 2014

Okay, I Lied!

On January 8 I showed you some Christmas cards I received and said that was it till July! Well, I lied, though unintentionally! I have one more beautiful Christmas card to show you!

This card was made by Ella and accompanied a beautiful brown scarf that goes so perfect with my hat and coat. 

Isn't the deer cute? I love the green rhinestones on the antlers. Thank you Ella for this super adorable card.

Margarita's swap this month is to make 2 1/4" squares with a Valentine theme. We are to send two different squares to each person in the swap. When we receive all the squares we will be able to put them together in a frame for a collage. I received the first two squares yesterday from Charina...

Aren't the little macaroons cute? These are so adorable! I am so looking forward to getting the rest of the squares:) 

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.



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    1. Whimsical it is and oh so lovely! Thank you for visiting William! I love your photographs!