Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Have You Heard of Miche Bags?

I was going to wait till after Christmas to do a post about Miche Bags but I am so excited about them I couldn't wait! So maybe I'll do another one after Christmas:)

Why am I so excited about Miche Bags? I saw my first Miche Bag about two years ago at a county fair and was smitten. I LOVE having different purses for different outfits but HATE to change purses! I have 10+ purses and every time I change purses something gets left behind so all these purses have something in them. Things get lost...what purse did I leave that in? With Miche, you buy one, two or three Base Bags--for me they would be different sizes--then purchase Shells to change the look of your bags! Tada! No changing purses!!! The Shells attach to strong magnets on the Base Bag! What a brilliant idea!!!

My favorite sized bag is a large tote bag which I carry most of the time. Occasionally it is nice to have a smaller bag, especially when going to a wedding, funeral, out to a nice dinner, etc. Currently I carry this bag...

It is beautiful! I love it! But what about when I want to carry a black purse? Or a red one? Then I have to dump everything out, transfer some of the items to another purse and...same old problem:(

Last summer I ran into Gizell Camero at the Oregon State Fair and chatted with her a bit, looked over the merchandise and was smitten all over again. However, I didn't think I wanted to spend $39.95 for the Prima (big) Base Bag I wanted plus $44.95 for my first shell. So I waited and checked Gizell's website frequently, hoping for a sale. Finally about a month ago, Miche had a 1/2 off sale for the base bags!!! Woo Hoo! I jumped on it getting my black base bag for $20 + shipping. This is my new Miche Base Bag in black...

 Not much to look at but I can change the look with any of these Prima Shells.

Now I have the Morgan Shell on my Christmas Wish List:) And am lusting after this bag which is part of their Hope line for Breast Cancer Awareness...

I can purchase a set of braided handles that will go quite nicely!

Plus, did you know Miche has a Throwback Thursday where starting at 8:00 am till sellout, they offer an item for up to 90% off? I had a cute red wallet type clutch in my shopping cart but was hesitating. It was only $9.95, WHY was I hesitating?!!! When I got back to the shopping cart an hour later, the item was gone. PLUS...

Friday November 29th-Monday December 2nd 12am-12pm, BLACK FRIDAY - CYBER MONDAY, www.gizell.miche.com, stay on the lookout, Miche LOVES to surprise us with AMAZING deals!

Well, now that I have shared my new addiction with you I am off to get ready for Happy Stampers Club (tomorrow--eek!) and to finish my swap cards so they can get in the mail tomorrow.

Have a great day!


**Note: I have not been paid or in anyway compensated for my posts on Miche Bags. I just happen to like Gizell (Miche Consultant) and LOVE Miche Bags!!!


  1. That's a beautiful purse! I need to check them out!!

    1. I love my current purse but love the whole idea of the Miche Bags! The company is close to you...at least in UT:) This idea was genius for people like me!