Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

I am so thankful my cold has subsided enough for me to be able to do the Sunday Night Chit-Chat this week! Friday and Saturday were terrible but today has been some better so hopefully I am over the worst and on my way to a full recovery! 

My photo for the Chit-Chat is of some new fabric I purchased while up visiting my daughter! It is part of the Sassy Shoes collection (designed by me-O-my for Spectrix Fabrics) and I LOVE it!!! I am a true shoe-a-holic so this fabric is right up my alley! There were some more prints I should have gotten but had to go easy with the $$$ so limited myself to these. I am thinking about a tote bag and one of Carla's cute Zippy Wallets (tutorial)

Okay, on with the Sunday Night Chit-Chat! Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily is our weekly host. If you haven't checked out Carla's blog, you are really missing out! Carla inspires me with all of her wonderful creations! This winter I really am going to sew! I've been saying that since I retired 3 1/2 years ago but this time I really mean it!!!

I am...

Reading...The Replacement Wife by and Nights of Rain and Stars by Maeve Binchy (I thought I lost it between DD's and home but found it this morning so now can finish). 

Listening to...The wind and our darling bulldog snoring.

Watching...Not sure what's on the agenda. I have been spending more time reading lately but can't crochet and read at the same time so will need to find something good or my projects won't get finished.

Cooking/Baking...The weather turned cold and rainy plus I was sick so have been making soups all week. I tried a couple of new ones that I will have to share with you...especially the Curried French Green Lentil Soup! Today we are having Mizidra. Everyone here loves it so it shows up on the menu at least twice a month! I have a big batch of Granola ready to go in the oven tonight:) I used to make all of our bread but we started having problems with the wheat (especially me) so have started buying Sprouted Wheat Bread. I have a couple of recipes for Sprouted Wheat Bread that I want to try but if you have had success with making it, please pass along your recipe! I really miss making my own bread:(

Happy I accomplished this week...I really didn't accomplish much of anything! I caught up on the laundry after being gone for a week and got a little bit of house work done but that was it! I didn't even feel much like reading with my stuffy head.

Looking forward to next week...

  • Being able to share some of the cards I made on my blog
  • Picking up my stamping order from my friend Barb...tomorrow!!! Lots of fun new stamping things to play with. I spent waaayyy too much money this month so will really have to reign in next month!
  • Playing with my new stamping stuff!!!
  • Having an unstuffy head! Do you think it's possible?!!!
Thankful for today...I am starting to feel better:) So very thankful for that!

*Bonus Question* What is the largest sum of money I have ever found? 
I think it was a $5 bill in my coat pocket when I wore my coat for the first time in the Fall. I am a great one for tucking money in pockets and forgetting about it! 


  1. The fabric is absolutely adorable!! That'll be fun to sew with! :) You'll have to post what you create afterwards! I hope you're feeling better soon, Kat... head colds are NOT fun! :( Hugs!!!

    1. I know, I love this fabric! I want every piece in the line:) I will be sooo glad when the cold is history!