Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

It's time once again for the Sunday Night Chit-Chat hosted each week by Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily. For my picture tonight I chose this one of two of our dogs playing tug-of-war with a toy that they hardly ever play with. The funny part was Rocky, our English Bulldog, was just holding on to the toy. However, Petey, our 13 year old miniature dachshund, was growling and pulling on the toy--doing all the work! This went on for at least 1/2 hour! So funny! They they both abandoned the toy and went off to find something more interesting!

I am...

Reading...The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D. and Nights of Rain and Stars by Maeve Binchy

Listening to...The wind and the dog chewing on his bone.

Watching...Hoping to watch Secret Millionaire tonight:)

Happy I accomplished this week...Stamping Club and order; ready to go to DD's  tomorrow

Looking forward to next week...A whole week visiting my daughter and granddaughter!!!

Thankful for today...The thunderstorm that came blew over quickly with no damage!

*Bonus Question* Do I still have my air conditioning on? Yes, the heat is still with us so we have been using the air conditioning still! Hoping it cools down a little soon.

Well, that's it for me tonight!



  1. Your choice of reading material really caught my attention. I suffered from debilitating migraines for over 20 years. After hearing about magnesium I started researching and taking a daily magnesium supplement. Now I almost never get headaches and certainly not the twice-weekly painful migraines I used to suffer through. Turns out there is a huge connection between migraines and magnesium deficiency.

    Your dogs are adorable.

    -Denise @

    1. I left the magnesium book at home:( I was wanting to share it with my daughter as she has terrible headaches plus other magnesium related issues. Guess we will have to discuss it on the phone when I get back. Wish I had know about this when I was in my 40s as I had terrible migraines!

  2. Love the photo!! haha! Sooo sweet! I hope you have a wonderful week with your dd and gdd!!! :)

    1. The dogs do make me laugh even if they are terribly messy creatures! Having a great week, thanks!