Thursday, September 26, 2013

French Bulletin Board

I got home on Monday from my daughter's with a sore throat. Today the sore throat became a full-blown cold so I am stuffy, headachy and just a little bit cranky:( Tuesday and Wednesday I was recovering from my week-long visit and trying to get some laundry and other housework done. Whew!

When I left home, it was still summer and warm; when I came home Fall came and brought some coolish, rainy weather. I don't think I was finished with summer yet!!!

Three or four years ago my daughter and I bought some canvases to use to make French Bulletin Boards. Alas, it never got done! So armed with hubby's new Dewalt Staple Gun I told my daughter this was a project we were going to get done! Off to Joann's we went to purchase fabric, batting, ribbon and buttons! Did I mention that this was my first one EVER! Well, I got it done except for the buttons. Darling Daughter, not being a sewer, didn't have thread to finish the project (or a glue gun for those of you who would have glued the buttons on) so the next day we visited the new fabric store in town, Loving Stitches, to purchase some heavy duty thread to finish up the project. So, this is what the finished project looks like...

My eight-year old granddaughter loves puppies and this was for her room. I think she picked out some pretty cute fabric, don't you? I will make one for my daughter's craft room when I go up in December.

I hope you are having a great week!


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