Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

I was hoping to get a card related post done last night or this morning but it just didn't happen:( So, I will shoot for two posts tomorrow! I am so behind in showing you the cards I have done and received from others that I really need to get to posting!!!

It is time for the Sunday Night Chit-Chat hosted by the talented and stalkable Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily--Yes, I stalk her blog regularly. Her creations make me drool and she is a budgeting genius! Reading her blog just makes me want to be a better person and get so much more done:)

So, let's get started...

A very sleepy puppy! He is such a sweet dog:)
I am...

Reading...I am still reading Sanctuary by David and Beverly Lewis. I got some magazines last week that I have been perusing...Popular Photography, MacWorld, Home Business and Stampin' Success.

Listening to...Rocky snoring and Beau licking his paw.

Watching...We will be watching the movie 42 about Jackie Robinson tonight.

Cooking/Baking...This morning I made Biscuits and Cashew Country Gravy plus a good mess of Scrambled Tofu. We didn't eat till noon today and that filled me up for the whole day!!! I had been craving Biscuits and Gravy for a few weeks now. I thought I would use all my weekly Weight Watchers points today but since I didn't feel like eating again, I didn't!

Happy I accomplished this week...

  • I cleaned out a couple of drawers that desperately needed it! Got rid of at least 20 pair of socks!!! I am a sock hoarder! 
  • I also got the business expenses logged for February! This will be a huge benefit at the end of the year:) 
  • I also completed my third week of exercising 5 days a week!

Looking forward to next week...I am getting my hair trimmed for the first time in a year! Plus I am having lunch with a dear friend so we can play "catch-up"!

Thankful for today...The business expenses are logged for the first two months of the year! I hate this chore so it is always nice to be caught up with it. 

Bonus Question: What was my first job? Starting at age 12, I babysat A LOT! I bought all my school clothes and extras. I loved having my own money. At 16 I worked in a mill for two summers where they made louvers and mouse traps. 

Well, that's it for tonight! 



  1. Ah, the bulldog. My favourite breed.

    If you haven't already watched 42, it's a really good one.

    1. Bulldogs are real sweeties! 42 was an amazing movie--loved it! I would watch it again in a heartbeat!

  2. Love your Sunday Chit Chats....I also enjoy Beverly Lewis as well as other authors who write about the Amish. Your biscuits sound good. I baby sat a lot when I was young too. Between school, church and baby-sitting, I was a pretty busy teen! Have a great week!

    1. I, too, love stories about the Amish and Beverly Lewis does such a good job!

  3. He looks very relaxed! hahaha!! I love bulldogs... so awesome! It sounds like you had a great week! I babysat tonnes too... back when $20/night was BIG MONEY!! lol!

    1. He's generally pretty relaxed:) I babysat back in the day when I only made 50 cents an hour! And that wasn't per child either! I still managed to buy all my school clothes!!!