Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring has Sprung!

Let me first apologize to my friends and readers in the northern US and Canada who are still experiencing all manner of nastiness in the weather category! I don't mean to boast but hopefully my pictures of Spring will give you hope:)

It was gloriously warm for most of yesterday but late in the afternoon it turned off chilly and rainy. It toyed with raining all day and still isn't really serious about doing it's business. We do need the moisture so rain on! Currently it is 46 degrees (F), cloudy with small patches of blue peeking through and WINDY! So, doesn't feel very Springy today but the signs are still all around:)

As I walked through my yard, camera in hand, this is what I saw...

See the little Periwinkle blossoms. They are hiding at the moment but soon the whole plant will be covered with the beautiful purple blooms.

The apricot trees are in bloom so we don't want a frost right now!!! Can you tell it was windy and raining when I took this picture?

We haven't even cleaned out the flower beds from winter yet but I found a purple Hyacinth hiding under the debris!

And beautiful white Hyacinth!

Lilac buds swollen and ready to burst forth with blossoms--lots of blossoms this year:) Last year I got exactly two clusters--one on each bush!

And last but not least, the beautiful, sunny yellow daffodils! Don't they just scream Spring?!!!

Have a great Spring day...even if it's just in your heart and mind:)