Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

It's time again for the Sunday Night Chit-Chat. Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily has some new questions for us to answer tonight! Let's see how I do!

My picture tonight is three squares I received for the Easter Sampler Swap. More on that later this week:)

So, let's get started!


Am I reading...Still reading Sanctuary by David and Beverly Lewis. I may actually finish it this week.

Am I watching...People Like Us. So good; a different kind of love story. Inspired by a true story.

Am I looking forward to this week...Happy Stampers Club meets this week and trip to Boise with hubby:) Hoping to visit a yarn shop while in Boise called A Twisted Ewe.

Is one thing I did last week that I don't want to repeat this week...I ate a little bit of dairy...I was sick for a whole day following:(

Was my best moment over the last week...Lunch and visiting with my friend Kim. We wait waayyy too long between visits but the time spent with her is special.

Is my #1 goal for next week...To get ready for my Happy Stampers Club and get packed for Boise trip.

Song I can't get out of my head...Nothing running through my head today!

Was the best/worst financial decision over the last week...The best financial decision this week was to NOT buy several things I really wanted. The worst financial decision this week was I DID buy some stamping stuff (surprise!!!)!

Is on the top of my *wish list* right now...Oh my! I just got the item that had been at the top of my list for about 4 years, the Infrared Sauna. Right now I am really wanting an Ott Lite.

Well, I think that's it for me tonight! I will be back tomorrow for Happy Homemaker Monday!



  1. My husband say "People Like Us" and really liked it. I saw bits and pieces...I rarely sit and watch a whole movie through any more. Have a great trip to Boise. Lunch with a good friend - always fun. Have a great week!

    1. It was truly a good movie! Don't know what first drew me to it because it's been on our Netflix DVD list for awhile but it was worth watching. Lunch, dinner, visits with friends is the best!!! Thanks for visiting, Deb!

  2. Replies
    1. The trip to Idaho was wonderful! Beautiful spring weather:)