Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to Thankful Thursday! I hope you are having a wonderful day and that your weather is sunny and bright! Now, didn't that sound a little Pollyanna ish?!!! We have partly cloudy skies today so have seen the sun periodically throughout the day. But the wind is blowing and it is just plain cold!!! It probably wouldn't be too but if it wasn't for the wind.

So, what am I thankful for today?

#1...I am thankful I didn't have a worse reaction to something I ate at potluck last weekend. I ended up being pretty bad on Sunday but by Monday was much better. We (hubby and me) have decided that I need to either stick with what I brought or don't go. Not going is not an option to me because I love the fellowship so will either take my own lunch or eat what I bring. How would you deal with this situation? 

#2...I am thankful that our taxes will be in the mail to the tax accountant tomorrow morning! I procrastinate so bad on this as does hubby but this year I am going to log expenses, mileage, income quarterly so I don't end up with a mess at the end of the year. I was thinking about software to keep track but not sure what so for now will continue with pencil and paper.

#3...I am thankful for some visits yesterday with special friends--three visits! You just can't have a better day than to be able to visit with wonderful people.

#4...Yesterday was my Happy Stampers Club and it was sooo much fun! I am so thankful I have this group of ladies to spend time with each month! The only thing more fun than creating is helping others create:) Thank you ladies for putting a smile on my face!

#5...I am thankful I got my new Knitting Bag! I picked it up from the Post Office yesterday and as soon as I got back in the car, I ripped the box open to see what it looked like up close and personal! It is absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you Carla for doing such a good job on this project and "hearing" what I was wanting. And thank you to my son for indulging his mother by purchasing the bag for me as an early Mother's Day gift! I am hoping to get pictures taken to show you tomorrow!

#6...I am so thankful I signed up to take a 4 week online course on using My Digital Studio! The class is one day a week, almost 2 hours each class plus homework. I have learned sooo much! I am excited about creating a new blog header with the skills I am learning (it's time, after all, it's Spring)! I have one more class.

Well, that's it for my Thankful Thursday! Leave me a comment letting me know what YOU are thankful for today!



  1. Happy you got your new knitting bag !

    I have no you for the Liebster Award: