Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

The Sunday Night Chit-Chat is initiated each week by Carla over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily. If you would like to participate just check out Carla's blog to find out the "rules"! First up is a picture or a quote...

Now, on to the Chit-Chat!

I am...

Reading...Nothing at the moment; just magazines.

Watching...Last night we watched The Searchers, a John Wayne movie from 1956. Today we watched Dolphin Tale--great movie!!! I love that it was based on a true story:)

Listening to...Hubby working in his office and the dogs playing with their toys.

Cooking/baking...Banana bread and sandwich bread! Half of the banana bread is gone already! We had Papa Murphy's Take & Bake Pizza (no cheese) tonight with a big salad and homemade Honey Mustard Dressing.

Happy I accomplished this week...I really haven't accomplished anything to be proud of. I did clean the house and kept up with the laundry but nothing extra:( I sure hope I get some energy SOON!

Looking forward to next week...Getting the tax stuff in the mail to the tax accountant! I am shooting for Wednesday!

Thankful for today...My wonderful husband who doesn't try to push me when I have low energy but is oh so patient:) 


Am I shy and quiet or outgoing?

Definitely NOT shy and quiet! I am probably the loudest person in the room! Well, I can think of a few people louder than me but not too many! I talk a mile a minute but can be a good listener too. I frequently give people my unsolicited opinion on products in the store--especially if I have the product and LOVE it! I love people and enjoy hearing their stories.

Well, now it's your turn! I need to work on the My Digital Studio online class assignment and then get off to bed! Moving to Daylight Savings Time will wreak havoc with my circadian rhythm for awhile but I do enjoy the longer days.

Have a nice evening!



  1. I am happy to be moving into spring with the time change but they do throw my body off too. I find the fall one to be the worst of the two. Have a good week!

    1. Ah! The benefit of time change is we know spring is on it's way! I agree with you about the fall change--brutal! Right now I am having a hard time getting to sleep early enough to get up when I need to:( Thanks for coming by to visit!