Saturday, July 6, 2013

Where Oh Where Did She Go?

Oh my! The last few days have been crazy and have flown by. I had to make a and lose my sanity altogether or just take a couple of days off and breathe! Tuesday and Wednesday I was busy getting the house in ship shape for hubby's holiday company--his brother and sister-in-law! They promised to keep him entertained while I made my quarterly trek to my daughter's:) 

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Thursday morning I left for my 6 1/2 hour trip to visit my darling daughter and granddaughter! I got here in plenty of time for the neighborhood 4th of July Celebration with lots of delicious food and lots of fireworks! A fun time was had by all:) I have to admit, I pooped out before the fireworks really got underway but I don't tolerate noise well anyway! 

Friday (which sure felt like Saturday) we did a little shopping at Kohls but my main mission was to get my new Stampin' Up! catalog spiral bound at Kinko's! Last year I got one done at Staples and then another one done at Kinko's and really liked the way Kinko's did it. Besides, Kinko's was about $3.00 cheaper. I don't have a Kinko's in my area but since I was visiting, I thought I might as well get it done!

Check it out! Nice spiral binding and plastic front and back to protect my precious catalog! I put white card stock where I wanted dividers and will tab them when I get home using the now retired Tab Punch! My Stampin' Up! catalog gets a lot of wear and tear over the year so it is totally worth the $6!

See how nice and flat the catalog lays when opened. It totally adds to my shopping pleasure:)

Tonight we plan to go out for dinner then my granddaughter, son and I will pop some popcorn, make a few s'mores in the microwave and watch Despicable Me on DVD! I was informed today that Despicable Me 2 is in theaters NOW and I couldn't possibly think of watching it without seeing the first one first! My daughter and son-in-law are going to go out for a bit--alone; together! I think my granddaughter can keep us entertained for one evening:P

Tomorrow morning we travel back home after a few stops. First stop will be Trader Joe's because we don't have one anywhere close and I LOVE Trader Joe's! We hope to be home by 5:00 tomorrow evening! 

I hope you are having a great holiday weekend! I am totally enjoying mine!


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  1. We just had Trader's Joe opened about 20 minutes away from us but I haven't been there yet. What do you usually buy there? What should I try? :)