Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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One of my resolutions for 2011 is to lose 30 pounds.  So I am anxious to read information that will make losing weight easier or more fun.  I get a weekly email  from which is the website done by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen.  This week I read several bits of information that I found interesting and thought you might as well.

  • Everyday walking speed should be at least 2.25 miles per hour. Of course it is important to get your heart rate up and sweat but if you have an everyday walking speed of 2.25 miles per hour you will live longer than your pokey friends.
  • Eating a 600 calorie breakfast will keep you full longer and you will eat less during rest of the day.
  • 11 Foods for Faster, Easier Weight Loss
  1. Yogurt--"Calcium may curtain weight gain by hindering the absorption of fat in the small intestine."
  2. Eggs-- Helps you to feel full longer than a stack of pancakes or a bowl of cereal.  Also when eaten with carbs, eggs will help to balance your blood sugar levels.
  3. Pistachios--"Nuts may be high in fat, but it's the healthful unsaturated kind of fat found in pistachios. And like all nuts, pistachios offer lots of hunger-curbing protein and fiber."  
  4. Grapefruit--"One study in particular revealed that eating half a grapefruit before each meal helped dieters shed more pounds than people who skipped the tart appetizer." 
  5. Avocado--"Researchers suspect that the unsaturated fat in avocadoes may ratchet up body levels of the hunger-halting hormone called leptin--a hormone that lets your brain know that you're full, so you stop eating." 
  6. Mushrooms--replace meat with mushrooms and save 420 calories for a meal.
  7. Olive oil--"triggers a complicated process in the gut that ultimately tells your brain you're full and makes you want to stop eating."
  8. Whole grains--wheat, brown rice, quinoa, steelcut oats, whole grain cereal, whole grain bread and pasta
  9. Red pepper--a little heat will curb your appetite later in the day.
  10. Fava beans--a lean protein source bursting with flavonoids.
  11. Rice with veggies--adding veggies to rice at lunchtime appears to slow the stomach emptying which makes you feel full longer.
As you can see, Real Age is full of helpful information.  Check them out and see what changes might be helpful to you.  I could easily eat more grapefruit and avocado:)  Kat

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