Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

So happy that Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily is back from her blogging vacation in time for the Sunday Night Chit-Chat! 
Today the weather cooperated so we could mow the lawn plus hubby and DS cut our tree back...again:(

They actually cut the branches on the other side as well. When they did this last year I thought the tree was a goner but it was beautiful this summer. Hopefully the same thing will happen this time. Hubby said it was shading the solar array we put on the roof last summer and he wants as much solar input as possible this winter.
What are you...
  • Reading? I just checked out If I Stay from the library so will be starting it tonight.
  • Watching? We have been watching several of the HGTV shows that are on fun! Today we watched the movie New Year's Eve...again! I have a habit of forgetting what we have watched and tend to rent movies a second or even a third time.
  • Listening to? The wind blowing outside. All else is quiet:)
  • Eating? We had Curried French Green Lentil Soup with sandwiches.
  • Looking forward to next week? Ladies Craft Day at my church on Tuesday. I am hoping to get some projects finished.
  • Saving $$ for? Christmas gifts. I have some bought but need some gift cards and need to make a few gifts as well. I spent more than I should have when I went to my daughter's last so I am a little short in the Christmas fund.
  • Thinking about? How many to have on the guest list for Thanksgiving. We have invited 7 so far but I am really thinking about adding another family of 4 which would bring our total (including us) to 14. Hmmm...
  • Wishing had went differently over the last week? Everything went pretty well. Of course, I always wish I had been able to accomplish more but that's a given.
Thanks for stopping by! I will be back tomorrow for Happy Homemaker Monday.



  1. One wonders if that'll be the end of the line for that tree or not.

  2. let me know how the book is!