Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Dilemma

I have been having a bit of trouble keeping up lately. Well, actually since July but I really think it is going to get better. At least I hope so.

Today was a real treat! Hubby and I went to town (about two hours away) to do a little Costco shopping, have lunch and to get a pedicure! Actually, I got a pedicure AND a manicure!!! Don't know if I have ever done both in the same day before! Hubby's company Christmas party is this Saturday night so now I am good to go:) However, it is sooo cold that I am sure no one will ever see my pedicure but me! No strappy sandals for me this weekend:(

For the last several months I have been telling my husband that I wanted the iPhone 4s for Christmas. Oh, maybe I should start with...I don't have my own cell phone. My husband has an iPhone 5 through Virgin Mobile and my son has something that he got from Straight Talk. I thought at 59 years old, I was a big girl and should have my own phone. Hubby was going to buy me the iPhone for Christmas (and still would) but I would need to pay for the service out of my allowance. 

Today, after talking to a cell phone service provider, I decided that maybe a cell phone is an extravagance for me. Why do I say that? 

  • We live in a very rural area and cell phone service is not good. You could make a call from my house if you really needed to by going outside and holding your mouth just right. So using the phone at home would be out. 
  • The company that would be the cheapest is Virgin Mobile at $30/month. 
  • They don't have service in the town I travel to most. However, Virgin Mobile (Sprint) works great when I travel to the city (Portland or Seattle).
  • I only travel outside my local area about 30 days out of a year.
  • So at $360 per year, if I use the phone 30 days, the cost will be $12 per day of real use.
Am I missing something here or do you agree that it would be nonsense for me to have a cell phone? Having a phone while traveling long distances would be nice for safety's sake but I traveled for years before there were cell phones.

I hope you will give me some feedback on this so I can make an intelligent decision on this. When I look at it as $30 per month, it doesn't sound too bad but when it look at it as $360 per year that's a different story!

I hope all is well where you are! 



  1. You might look into a prepaid phone I think is what they call them. I use to use one of them. You buy the phone which doesn't cost much at all then add minuets as you need them. It was a cheap way to have a phone just in case for travel

    1. Thank you! I am currently trying to find a phone I can just load with minutes. So far am only finding no contract monthly plans. I may go with Consumer Cellular (through Sears) for a monthly charge of $15 per month .

  2. I don't have one either.... I don't want one. Hubby has his and loves it... I don't want people to be able to "hunt me down" all the time... sometimes I just want a few minutes to myself. Everyone I know is attached to their phones around the clock, it drives me insane!!

    1. When I travel, I drive long distances alone so would like a phone just for traveling. I think the prepaid would be the way to go for my needs if I can find the right one. Definitely don't want to be tied to my phone!

  3. Oh how the modern world spins! Admittedly so, I've felt my cellphone was my second appendage… and I was lost without it! But now that we're overseas, I'm totally ok when i forget it at home, I'm not busting a u-turn to get it! As for your dilemma, you're right, it can get pretty pricey! Does that $30 even include a data plan? Go with a pre-paid phone if you just need it for safety while driving, especially when you visit WA. And hey, $360 is $360 that could be used towards SU! goodies!! Problem solved.

    1. Yes, the $30 includes unlimited (sort of) data and texting plus 300 minutes. I do think I will try to find a prepaid where I can load minutes and not be monthly; not sure they do that anymore. And you are sooo right, I could be using that money for stamping stuff!!! Duh!