Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday

The new Thankful Thursday button is just about finished week. Also need to finish my new blog header! Although it's still fall, it almost isn't! LOL 

It is so hard to be in a thankful mode this morning as my hives are in full flare-up mode and my head is about to explode with this cold/flu thing I have going on but I do realize it could be sooo much worse!

#1...I am thankful for some cream I bought at the fair in September that has turned out to be the perfect thing for calming my hives when they break out. It's called Corium 21 and is amazing. I purchased it for my eczema but I have gone through almost two jars of it in the last three months with these hives. I mentioned to my hubby that we should buy it by the gallon but at $395/gallon, that's highly unlikely! 

#2...Christmas shopping almost done! That is always something to be thankful for:) I will pick up a few gift cards today and have just a couple gifts to make as soon as I can think again (stuffy head go away!).

#3...I am so super thankful for all my blog readers! My blogging adventure has turned out to be more than I ever hoped or dreamed! 

So that's it for my thankful Thursday! If it weren't that I need to go to the doctor with my son today, I would be snuggled up in bed with a good book! A liberal slathering of the Corium 21 and some DayQuil should get me where I need to go!

Have you read any good books lately? Would love to know what they are!

Have a great day!


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