Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday...ah, Tuesday

Check out the adorable button Sandra has for us to use for the winter editions of Happy Homemaker Monday. Sandra starts us off each week...on Monday...from her great blog, Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. I am so sorry I didn't get my post done yesterday however, on top of my rash/hives, I now have the flu--sore throat, stuffy nose, weepy eyes...you get the idea! So this morning I decided to drag the computer into bed with me and blog anyway! So let's get started!

The weather...Cloudy, windy and 60 degrees! Hmmm...thought this was December!

Right now I am...Sitting in bed with my itch cream at my side and a cup of detox tea (found the recipe on Pinterest)--the lemon and cayenne are soothing to my throat.

Thinking...of all the things I wanted to get done today if I didn't feel so lousy:(

On my reading pile...Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart and my new Knit Simple magazine. Still doing our Louis L'Amour read aloud.

On my tv...Not sure I can handle the noise.

On the menu for this week...
Tuesday -- Mizidra (if I feel up to making it, otherwise canned soup)
Wednesday -- Tacos
Thursday -- Restaurant meal:)
Friday -- Baked Potatoes, Butternut Squash and Brussels Sprouts
Saturday -- Hubby's Christmas Party
Sunday -- no clue

On my to do list...
Wash a few more clothes with the new laundry soap.
Still need to get some sewing done (Christmas gifts)
Christmas Cards
Get ready for next week's stamping club

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating...Still working on my Infinity Scarf. I need to read less and watch more TV so I can get it finished:)

Homemaking Tip...Have you ever thought about making your own laundry detergent and how the price would compare to what you can purchase on sale? I have been thinking  A LOT about laundry detergent for the last week thinking it just might be what's causing my hives. How great would it be to KNOW what's in your laundry detergent. We did purchase a big bucket of Charlie's Soap on the recommendations of several people online but when it's gone, I think I might just try this recipe from Happy Money Saver. She said it comes out to about 4 cents per load! I don't remember if I shared this tip before but if you have a smell in your clothes that just won't come out, try 20 Mule Team Borax. It even takes out the smell of cat pee!!! Add a little to your rug shampooer the next time you shampoo the carpets! 

Looking around the house...Well, I have a limited view from my bed but I see a pile of clothes that need to be washed and dogs lying everywhere! They follow me from room to room throughout the day--wherever I am...there they are!

From the camera...Nothing today.

On my prayer list...Selfishly, that I will get over this flu quickly and find out what's causing my rash/hives.

Bible verse; Devotional...
"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." Ephesians 4:29 (NIV) 

Well, I'm off to take another nap! Have a great day!



  1. Ugh, I'm so sorry you are sick! I really hope, you feel better very soon.