Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

I know I shared a similar picture but had to get one more in of our beautiful snow! We got one more inch last night but it is melting a little each day. I think we probably still have 5 or 6 inches. Our view is outstanding!

Welcome to the last Sunday Night Chit-Chat of 2012! It is initiated each week by the very talented Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily. Please stop by to wish her well (her family was sooo sick last week) and see what she's been up to. Her blog is always a very nice place to visit!

So, let the Chit-Chat begin!!!

I am...

Reading...I don't think I have had much reading time since last week so reading the second part of Mail Order Holiday Brides by Jillian Hart and Janet Tronstad. For our read aloud we are 78% through To The Far Blue Mountains by Louis L'Amour. I am also lusting over the wonderful patterns in 101 Patchwork Projects + Quilts! Such a wonderful Christmas gift:)

Watching...Just finished watching Christmas with Holly which is a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie we recorded a couple weeks ago. If you watch this one be sure to have a Kleenex box nearby! I need a Kleenex box for ALL the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies. We recently signed up for SpiritClips so we can see all 55 Hallmark Hall of Fame movies plus some other Hallmark Channel movies. This was a great addition to our Netflix.

Listening to...The hum of the generator (didn't have wind or sun today) in the background and the dogs snoring in the foreground:)

Cooking/Baking...Not much today. We had hashbrowns and scrambled tofu for breakfast and had a light supper. Wasn't much into cooking today.

Happy you accomplished this week...We made it through Christmas without me getting sick. That is a huge accomplishment for me because I tend to procrastinate and then push too hard at the last leaving me vulnerable to every bug flying about! So far, so good this year! Guess the flu earlier in the month was it!

Looking forward to next week...2013! I think I'm ready! 2012 was good but I am thinking 2013 will be even better:D I am also looking forward to a little sewing time. I want to get started on Carla's tutorials and I am really wanting to find a fun project to make in my new book 101 Patchwork Projects + Quilts.

Thankful for today...No itching:) I haven't had any itching all day!

Bonus Question: Am I looking forward to 2013 or sorry to see 2012 leave? I think I answered that question above. I am definitely looking forward to 2013!

Well, that's it for my Sunday Night Chit-Chat. What is YOUR answer to the Bonus Question?

Have a great evening!



  1. Pleased to hear you are feeling good. The snow has been beautiful; if only we can figure out how to keep it from falling on the roads. Have a wonderful final day of 2012. May 2013 bring you and your family good health, contentment, and joyful memories.

    1. Thanks, Kim! I do feel so much better but everyone says that's the prednisone talking:( I just need to stay away from the enemy foods so I won't itch when I come off the medicine. Yes, having the snow fall on the roads is a problem! Looking forward to some girl time with you in 2013!