Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

Well, it's Monday once again! I missed the Sunday Night Chit-Chat because we were at a snowy bonfire put on by some friends. This morning I discovered that dear Carla did her Sunday Night Chit-Chat post and then lost it:( I hate it when that happens!

So happy to be able to participate with Sandra in the Happy Homemaker Monday today! Sandra initiates the Happy Homemaker Monday from her blog Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. So, let's get started!

The weather...43 degrees and super windy! The wind blustered all night and looks like it will continue throughout today anyway!

Right now I am...Sitting on the sofa, looking out the window, drinking a cup of Orange Ginger Chai Tea (Uncle Lee's version). Just finished a phone call with the cell phone company to find out why the cell phone was turned off after one month. It was our fault: the debit card broke so got a new one; same number but new expiration and code! We're back on again:) Now I need my tea!

Thinking...About all the things I have to get done before Friday! We are leaving for DD's on Friday and there is sooo much to do before I leave. Then we come back Christmas Eve and have company coming Christmas Day! Oops! Starting to hyperventilate again!

On my reading pile...Almost finished with Homespun Bride and I actually picked up Happiness Key again. Maybe I'll get it read yet! Haven't had much read aloud time this month but we put our Louis L'Amour book aside to read Christmas in My Heart, Book 21. I can't believe I have been collecting these books for 21 years already!!!

On my tv...I watched an episode of Downton Abbey, season 2 on PBS last night. The new season starts in January:)

Favorite Blog Post this week (mine or other)...Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily did a 9 part tutorial for making a mug rug! And if you like that one she also did a tutorial for a Zippy Wallet and a Coffee Cozy! I truly wanted to get these done for Christmas but will just have to forgive myself and work on them in January! Another post well worth reading is Sandra's post called So Much on My Mind--poignant

Something fun to share...Honestly can't think of a thing at the moment. My head is full of my "to do" list and the terrible tragedy in Connecticut. My granddaughter is seven...'nuff said!

On the menu this week...My family is going to be lucky if I make anything but this is the plan so far:
Monday--Potato Corn Chowder with sandwiches
Tuesday--Big Salad
Wednesday--Rice and Pinto Beans
Thursday--Whatever is easy
Friday-Monday--Daughter's house; her menu

On my to do list...

  • Finish getting Christmas cards out
  • Clean guest apartment (company on Christmas)
  • Wrap presents
  • Laundry
  • Bake cookies for gift baskets
What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating...
  • Doll outfit for granddaughter
  • STILL working on Infinity Scarf
  • Card for card swap
Homemaking Tip...We have discovered the joys of White Distilled Vinegar! I have been using it to relieve my itching (when it quits burning it feels great) plus have added it to laundry to make sure soap is rinsed out of the clothes AND you can add it to your dishwasher instead of Jet Dry! At $2.99/gallon (less if you get it on sale) it is a bargain in anybody's book! Check out 1001 Uses for Distilled White Vinegar. Last week I added it to my water for mopping the kitchen floor!

Looking around the house...Not good:( Shouldn't take too long to get it cleaned up though--just messy!

From the camera...Still nothing:( I will try to have something for next week!

On my prayer list...Praying for the families and friends of the victims of the tragedy in CT. Also praying for my precious granddaughter who went to school this morning in WA state.

Bible Verse; Devotional...

"Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved." Psalm 55:22

Well, that is it for me today! Gotta get busy on that "to do" list! I will be back tomorrow with some gift tags from our Happy Stampers meeting last week.

Hug your kids just a little tighter and a little longer today!



  1. I think we're all kind of in the same place right now... trying to keep our heads above water, overwrought with sorrow for what's happening in our world and trying at the same time to be "joyous". Hopefully January brings peace and calmness to our lives...

    1. I agree! Just putting one foot in front of the other for now.

  2. Love using vinegar in the wash too. I have the idea that it helps clean out the machine and acts as a fabric softener as long as I don't over dry the clothes.. Please tell your DD Merry Christmas from Oregon. :)

    1. I think it cleans out the washer too. I read online about cleaning your washing machine and dishwasher by running them with vinegar. Guess I was a little slow to get on the vinegar bandwagon! I will tell DD Merry Christmas from you and you hug those girls of yours for me too:)

  3. Cute mug rugs. Now I want to make one.