Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This is my favorite time of year.  The sun is shining; the temperature is warm and sometimes hot; and the garden is producing all kinds of delicious fruits and vegetables. Lawn chair, tall glass of iced sun tea, and ME!  Sounds perfect!

This morning after my walk, I picked about a quart of beautiful ripe strawberries.  The smell was heavenly and the taste was scrumptious!  The bush beans are ready to pick and eat; tomatoes are starting to ripen; cucumbers will be lucky to make it from the garden to the house for a salad; and the zucchini are just the right size--better get them before tomorrow as you know what happens to zucchini overnight!!!  Apricots have about a week to go to be ripe and juicy.

The flowers in the yard are beautiful--English lavender, dahlias, cosmos, four o'clocks, roses, sweet Williams, lilies and many flowers given to us by friends and family that I can't identify but they are pretty nonetheless.  The bamboo was looking pretty shaggy a month ago but has sent up many new shoots and leafed out with new green leaves.

Enjoy all that summer has to offer.  Kat  

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